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Daughter, Friends Left Messages Day After Nicole Brown Simpson’s Slaying

May 15, 1995

NEW YORK (AP) _ Her friend wanted to share something funny. Her son’s school offered help. Her 8-year-old daughter cried out frantically: ``Mommy, please call me back! I want to know what happened last night.″

These were among the messages left on Nicole Brown Simpson’s telephone answering machine June 13, hours after her body and that of Ronald Goldman were found outside her condominium, the Daily News reported Monday.

``Why did we have to go the police station?″ asked Sydney Simpson, who is now 9. ``Please answer, Mommy! Please answer, Mommy! Please answer, Mommy! Please answer. ... Bye.″

Sydney and brother Justin, now 6, were asleep inside their mother’s condominium when she and Goldman were slashed near the gate outside. The children were awakened and taken to a police station without being told about the slayings or seeing the murder scene. Sydney’s phone call apparently came from the police station.

Ms. Simpson’s friend Cynthia Shahian left a message, saying: ``Nicole, it’s me, CiCi. It’s like 10 to 8 on Monday morning. I had a funny story to tell you. Anyway, I’m going to work at quarter to 9. Anyway, try and call me. Otherwise I’ll talk to you later. Bye.″

Another friend, Kris Jenner, asked Ms. Simpson about plans to meet later in the day.

``Hi Nicole, it’s Kris. I’m just calling to find out if we’re going to meet today and where and what time. ... So let me know,″ said Ms. Jenner, wife of Olympic champion Bruce Jenner and a possible prosecution witness in O.J. Simpson’s trial.

Another call came from a woman at the towing company that had come to pick up Ms. Simpson’s Ferrari for repairs.

``My driver’s down the street a little ways, um, at the end of all the police activity going on outside,″ the woman said. ``He wanted me to call and let you know that he was there to pick up the Ferrari. Thank you.″

After word spread of the murders, someone from Justin’s school called. ``I’m calling on behalf of the Sunshine School and the parents of Justin’s class and we would like to know if there’s anything you need. Please feel free to call upon us or any one of the parents of Sunshine School. Thank you very much and our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.″

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