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August 17, 2018


NEW YORK (AP) — From the Detroit church where she honed her singing chops to the legendary Apollo Theater in New York, fans have been gathering to pay tribute to Aretha Franklin. Franklin died yesterday of pancreatic cancer — she was 79. People drove by the church in Detroit where Franklin’s father was a pastor — and she learned to sing. In New York, the marquee alternated between: “Honoring Apollo Legend Aretha Franklin 1942-2018” and “Rest in Peace Aretha Franklin Queen of Soul.” Franklin’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was adorned with a crown, an emblem of her Queen of Soul status. Fans also left flowers, cards and other mementos on the sidewalk tribute, including one that said simply, “RESPECT.”



023856-w-302:88-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP Entertainment Editor, with Aretha Franklin music)-“I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”-Aretha Franklin (16 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *023856 (08/16/18)££ 302:88 “I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”

023859-w-408:96-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP Entertainment Editor with Aretha Franklin in 2009 AP interview and music)-“I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”-Aretha Franklin (16 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *023859 (08/16/18)££ 408:96 “I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”

023857-c-199:92-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP Entertainment Editor)-“A Different World”-Aretha Franklin (16 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *023857 (08/16/18)££ 199:92 “A Different World”

023878-w-308:16-(Oscar Wells Gabriel AP Correspondent with Aretha Franklin in 2009 AP interview and excerpt of Franklin at Barack Obama’s inauguration.)-“I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”-Aretha Franklin (16 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *023878 (08/16/18)££ 308:16 “I’m Oscar Wells Gabriel”

023855-c-172:80-(Oscar Wells Gabriel, AP Entertainment Editor)-“station in Detroit”-Aretha Franklin (16 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *023855 (08/16/18)££ 172:80 “station in Detroit”

023858-a-56:64-(Aretha Franklin singer, in AP interview)-“to be there”-Aretha Franklin (16 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *023858 (08/16/18)££ 56:64 “to be there”

023862-a-90:96-(Aretha Franklin singer, in AP interview)-“in my career”-Aretha Franklin (16 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *023862 (08/16/18)££ 90:96 “in my career”

023860-r-55:68-(Aretha Franklin singer, in AP interview)-“that it got”-Aretha Franklin (16 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *023860 (08/16/18)££ 55:68 “that it got”

023883-a-67:68-(archive sound of Aretha Franklin in 2001 interview)-“of the music”-Aretha Franklin (16 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *023883 (08/16/18)££ 67:68 “of the music”


DETROIT (AP) — To the world, Aretha Franklin was the “Queen of Soul.” But to residents in Detroit, she was THEIR queen and the city’s favorite daughter. She earned that reputation not just for what she accomplished — but also for staying true to her Motor City roots. When she died yesterday, it was at her home in Detroit — a city she could have left as easily as she could effortlessly jump from one octave to another. And residents of the city loved her even more because of that. One resident, Myron Pullin, fighting back tears, described Franklin as “a pioneer woman for Detroit.” Pullin added Franklin “always came home and she always came back.” As evidence of how much Detroit embraced Franklin, there are not just one, but two streets named in her honor.

Aretha Franklin died yesterday from pancreatic cancer. She was 76 years old.



024112-a-128:64-(Mayor Mike Duggan, D-Detroit)-“a true icon”-Detroit salutes native daughter Aretha Franklin (16 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *024112 (08/16/18)££ 128:64 “a true icon”

024114-a-106:56-(Mayor Mike Duggan, D-Detroit)-“me. Always has”-Detroit salutes native daughter Aretha Franklin (16 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *024114 (08/16/18)££ 106:56 “me. Always has”

024113-a-87:36-(Mayor Mike Duggan, D-Detroit)-“so many levels”-Detroit salutes native daughter Aretha Franklin (16 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *024113 (08/16/18)££ 87:36 “so many levels”


NEW YORK (AP) — When you hear the song “Respect,” the only person you think of as singing it is Aretha Franklin. But as closely linked as she is to the song, she wasn’t the first to record it. “Respect” was recorded in 1965 by Otis Redding. Two years later, Franklin not only “covered” it — but did it in a way that made it uniquely hers. “Respect” is one of the most recognizable and listened-to songs of all time. It’s part of the Library of Congress’ National Recording Registry. It’s in the Grammy Hall of Fame. And Rolling Stone lists it as No. 5 on the list of “The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.”

“Respect” wasn’t the only song Franklin covered and made her own. “You Make Me Feel Like (A Natural Woman)” was originally written and recorded by Carole King. And Franklin took the Simon and Garfunkel song “Bridge Over Troubled Water” to a new level with a gospel-tinged version of the hymn-like tune.



023874-r-480:00-(archive excerpt of Aretha Franklin singing “Respect”)-“music fades”-Aretha Franklin (16 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *023874 (08/16/18)££ 480:00 “music fades”

023870-r-493:68-(archive excerpt of ”(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman,” performed by Aretha Franklin)-“music fade”-Aretha Franklin (16 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *023870 (08/16/18)££ 493:68 “music fade”


NEW YORK (AP) — It was almost like the world wanted to grab a digital piece of Aretha Franklin’s legacy after she died yesterday. Hours after her demise, her music shot up the iTunes’ charts. Her “30 Greatest Hits” album reached No. 1. And “Respect” checked in atop the download leader for singles. Other songs by Franklin, including ”(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman,” ″Think,” ″Chain of Fools” and “I Say a Little Prayer,” were all in the Top 10.



024104-w-258:24-(Margie Szaroleta (zar-oh-LEH’-tah), AP music correspondent, with music)-“I’m Margie Szaroleta”-Aretha Franklin’s music rising on charts following her death (16 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *024104 (08/16/18)££ 258:24 “I’m Margie Szaroleta”


DETROIT (AP) — Shortly after her death yesterday from pancreatic cancer, Aretha Franklin’s family issued a statement.

“In one of the darkest moments of our lives, we are not able to find the appropriate words to express the pain in our heart. We have lost the matriarch and rock of our family. The love she had for her children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and cousins knew no bounds.”

“We have been deeply touched by the incredible outpouring of love and support we have received from close friends, supporters and fans all around the world. Thank you for your compassion and prayers. We have felt your love for Aretha and it brings us comfort to know that her legacy will live on. As we grieve, we ask that you respect our privacy during this difficult time.”


UNDATED (AP) — There have been scores of tributes in reaction to the death of Aretha Franklin. Here is a sampling:

“Through her compositions and unmatched musicianship, Aretha helped define the American experience. In her voice, we could feel our history, all of it and in every shade — our power and our pain, our darkness and our light, our quest for redemption and our hard-won respect. She helped us feel more connected to each other, more hopeful, more human. And sometimes she helped us just forget about everything else and dance.” — Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, in a statement.


“This morning my longest friend in this world went home to be with our father. I will miss her so much but I know she’s at peace.” — Smokey Robinson, in a statement.


“The most consistent voice in music for 60 years has been Aretha Franklin’s voice... The world of music has lost a bit of its soul.” — Jesse Jackson, in an AP interview.


“I’m one of the lucky ones to have seen Aretha perform in the very beginning of her career. She was amazing then and just became greater through the years. Talk about R.E.S.P.E.C.T., we have it for you, Aretha. You will never be forgotten.” — Dolly Parton, on Twitter.


“I can’t remember a day of my life without Aretha Franklin’s voice and music filling up my heart with so much joy and sadness. Absolutely heartbroken she’s gone, what a woman. Thank you for everything, the melodies and the movements.” — Adele, via Instagram


“It’s a sad day but what a glorious lady. Her voice says it all!” — Keith Richards, via Instagram.


“It’s difficult to conceive of a world without her. Not only was she a uniquely brilliant singer, but her commitment to civil rights made an indelible impact on the world.” — Barbra Streisand, via Twitter.


“Aretha Franklin. The Queen of Soul. The Icon. The ultimate singers’ singer. The greatest singer and musician of my lifetime. The power of your voice in music and in civil rights blew open the door for me and so many others. You were my inspiration, my mentor and my friend.” — Mariah Carey, via Twitter.


“A national treasure to everyone. But to me personally, Aretha Franklin was my dear, dear friend, my homegirl, and I loved her a lot. From seeing her as a baby singing and playing at the piano at her father’s home, to her giving a rousing performance at the White House, she has always been amazing. No matter how the music has changed over the years, she remained so relevant.” — Berry Gordy, in a statement.


“Aretha Franklin had a heart as big as the sky. Her talent and fiery spirit paved the way for us all with her courage, respect and honesty. Every note she sang was true and an example of what it means to put everything you have into what you do. Thank you my friend. I will miss you.” — Roberta Flack in an emailed statement.


“It seems very strange to wake up and hear that she passed today even though she lived such a long and fulfilled life. It’s no secret that she’s an icon. She is an icon of all icons... I don’t know anyone she hasn’t inspired.” — Nicki Minaj on Apple Music.


“What a life. What a legacy! So much love, respect and gratitude. R.I.P.” — Carole King, via Twitter.


“I’m absolutely devastated by Aretha’s passing. She was truly one of a kind. She was more than the Queen of Soul. She was a national treasure to be cherished by every generation throughout the world. Apart from our long professional relationship, Aretha was my friend. Her loss is deeply profound and my heart is full of sadness.” — Clive Davis, in a statement.


“It’s a sad day for the world with the loss of our Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin. My career is one of many that stand on the shoulders of not only a phenomenal voice but also an extraordinary woman. My family and I send love and prayers to her family. Her legacy will live on forever.” — Bobby Brown, in a statement.


Today has always been a hard day for me, and now the ‘Queen of Soul’ Aretha Franklin has left us, this loss saddens my heart not only was she a fellow Memphian, but she was also my inspiration to sing. — Lisa Marie Presley, via Twitter. Thursday is the 41st anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death.


“Aretha was such a timeless inspiration to me and so many others, the ultimate queen, thank you for the gift of your voice, music and unshakeable soul.” — Christina Aguilera, via Twitter.


“Her voice; her presence; her style

No one did it better

Truly the Queen of Soul

I will miss you!” — Lionel Richie, in a statement.


“Salute to the Queen. The greatest vocalist I’ve ever known.” — John Legend, via Twitter.


“The loss of Aretha Franklin is a blow for everybody who loves real music: Music from the heart, the soul and the Church. Her voice was unique, her piano playing underrated — she was one of my favorite pianists.” — Elton John, via Instagram.


“The older I get, it seems like the more ‘goodbyes’ must be said, and the harder they are to say. I just heard that Aretha Franklin has passed. I’ve known Aretha since my early years in New York. We used to joke around. She was something! I just want to say to her family that I truly admired her as a singer and as a woman. I am so sorry we’ve lost her. Goodbye my friend.” — Willie Mays, in a statement.


“We have lost another legend from the civil rights era. From the time she was a teenager, Ms. Franklin has been singing freedom songs in support of my father and others in the struggle for civil rights. As a daughter of the movement, she not only used her voice to entertain but to uplift and inspire generations through songs that have become anthems such as “Respect” and “Bridge over Troubled Water.” — Dr. Bernice A. King, in a statement.


“I’m sitting in prayer for the wonderful golden spirit Aretha Franklin.” — Diana Ross, via Twitter.


“From the time that Dinah Washington first told me that Aretha was the ‘next one’ when she was 12-years old until the present day, Aretha Franklin set the bar upon which every female singer has and will be measured. And she did it with the professionalism, class, grace and humility that only a true Queen could. I treasured every moment that we spent together from working in the recording studio, to performing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, or simply hanging in the kitchen, and I will miss her dearly. RIP Ree-Ree. You will reign as the Queen forever.” — Quincy Jones, in a statement.


“Today the world has experienced a tremendous loss. Aretha was a rare treasure whose unmatched musical genius helped craft the soundtrack to the lives of so many.” — Patti LaBelle, via Twitter.


“The Spinners wish to express their heartfelt condolences to the family of Aretha Franklin. It was Aretha who recommended Atlantic Records to The Spinners in 1968, where they made their greatest hits. Aretha Franklin will forever be the Queen of Soul.” — The Spinners, in a statement.


“For more than 50 years, she stirred our souls. She was elegant, graceful, and utterly uncompromising in her artistry... She will forever be the Queen of Soul and so much more to all who knew her personally and through her music. Our hearts go out to her family and her countless fans.” — Bill Clinton, in a statement.


“Lucky enough to have seen Aretha live exactly once, and this was it. Thank you for the music, we will be listening to you forever.” — Lin-Manuel Miranda, via Twitter.


“Aretha Franklin was simply peerless. She has reigned supreme and will always be held in the highest firmament of stars as the most exceptional vocalist, performer and recording artist the world has ever been privileged to witness.” — Annie Lennox, via Twitter.


“Let’s all take a moment to give thanks for the beautiful life of Aretha Franklin, the Queen of our souls, who inspired us all for many, many years. She will be missed but the memory of her greatness as a musician and a fine human being will live with us forever.” — Paul McCartney, via Twitter.


WASHINGTON (AP) — Another day, another secretly recorded tape from fired White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman. The latest, released yesterday, features a chat she had with President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump right after she was let go. Omarosa played the tape for MSNBC — and on it, Lara Trump offers her a job earning $15,000 a month — a raise over what her White House gig paid. Trump said the gig would require little more than speaking positively about the president as part of his re-election campaign. Lara Trump can be heard on the tape saying that Omarosa had some things “in the back pocket to pull out” — and said the campaign couldn’t have that. Omarosa says the tape proves President Trump wanted to silence her after firing her from the White House.



024102-w-390:24-(Sagar Meghani (SAH’-gur meh-GAH’-nee), AP Washington correspondent, with Lara Trump,. President Trump’s daughter-in-law and former White House adviser Omarosa Manigault Newman)-“Sagar Meghani at the White House”-Omarosa Manigault Newman alleges Trump tried to buy her silence after firing (16 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *024102 (08/16/18)££ 390:24 “Sagar Meghani at the White House”

024096-a-144:00-(Lara Trump, President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law and Omarosa Manigault Newman, in recording released by Omarosa Manigault Newman)-“everybody positive right”-Omarosa Manigault Newman releases tape, alleges Trump tried to buy her silence (16 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *024096 (08/16/18)££ 144:00 “everybody positive right”

024097-a-163:68-(Lara Trump, President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, in recording released by Omarosa Manigault Newman)-“15k a month”-Omarosa Manigault Newman releases tape, alleges Trump tried to buy her silence (16 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *024097 (08/16/18)££ 163:68 “15k a month”

024098-a-74:16-(Lara Trump, President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law and Omarosa Manigault Newman, in recording released by Omarosa Manigault Newman)-“awesome doing that”-Omarosa Manigault Newman releases tape, alleges Trump tried to buy her silence (16 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *024098 (08/16/18)££ 74:16 “awesome doing that”

024099-a-60:24-(Omarosa Manigault Newman, former White House adviser, in interview)-“pay me off”-Omarosa Manigault Newman releases new tape alleging Trump tried to buy her silence (16 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *024099 (08/16/18)££ 60:24 “pay me off”


UNDATED (AP) — First, he called her “wacky” and a “dog.” Now, President Donald Trump is taking a somewhat softer tack in dealing on Twitter with fired aide Omarosa Manigault Newman.” Yesterday, Trump posted a link to a video released by the Republican National Committee — which features a series of broadcast clips in which Omarosa praises Trump. The RNC released the clips under the headline, “Guess she forgot about these tapes.” Trump, in his retweet, added: “Thank you for the kind words, Omarosa.” Trump backers suggest Omarosa is ripping Trump to pump up sales of her book about her time in the White House, titled “Unhinged.”



024118-w-454:80-(Sagar Meghani (SAH’-gur meh-GAH’-nee), AP Washington correspondent, with Lara Trump, President Trump’s daughter-in-law and sound from Republican National Committee video)-“Sagar Meghani at the White House”-Omarosa Manigault Newman releases another recording, alleges Trump tried to buy her silence (16 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *024118 (08/16/18)££ 454:80 “Sagar Meghani at the White House”

024119-r-166:32-(Sound from Republican National Committee video, containing a montage of Omarosa Manigault Newman clips)-“stand by him”-Omarosa Manigault Newman releases another recording, alleges Trump tried to buy her silence (16 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *024119 (08/16/18)££ 166:32 “stand by him”


NEW YORK (AP) — Newspapers all over the U.S. have taken an editorial stand against President Donald Trump’s frequent attacks. And it’s fair to say Trump didn’t take it well. Papers from Maine to Hawaii ran pieces denouncing Trump’s claims of “fake news.” Trump has fired back on Twitter, ripping the Boston Globe, which led the effort. In his tweet, Trump says there’s nothing he’d want more for the U.S. than true FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. But he complained that the press abuses its freedom by publishing “FAKE NEWS, pushing a political agenda or just plain trying to hurt people.” Newspapers aren’t the only one pushing back against Trump. The U.S. Senate yesterday passed a resolution stating “the press is not the enemy of the people.”



024077-v-354:72-(Warren Levinson, AP correspondent)-“Warren Levinson, New York”-Trump lashes out after newspapers respond to his attacks (16 Aug 2018)

<<CUT *024077 (08/16/18)££ 354:72 “Warren Levinson, New York”


LOS ANGELES (AP) — It’s been talked about so much before now, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is old news: Netflix says it’s signed “black-ish” creator Kenya Barris to an exclusive production agreement. The deal, which has been in the wind for weeks now, was officially announced yesterday. Barris becomes the latest big-name TV creator to make the jump from broadcast and cable to streaming video. He ended his ABC Studios contract early after ABC declined to air a “black-ish” episode that reportedly addressed issues including the NFL player protests.

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