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Man Must Write Another Letter to Rape Victim

February 10, 1991

HOLLIDAYSBURG, Pa. (AP) _ A judge told a man he must write another letter to a rape victim after the man told her she was partially responsible for the crime.

Brian I. Markey, 20, is serving a one- to two-year prison sentence for recklessly endangering another person and impersonating a police officer. Prosecutors said Markey watched while another man raped a 14-year-old girl in a remote forest in 1989.

Markey’s sentence had included a requirement that he apologize to the girl in a letter.

Common Pleas Judge Jolene Kopriva rejected Markey’s first letter on Friday.

″In my heart I feel as much a victim that night as you were ... I hope you have accepted that you too were partially responsible for what happened to you,″ he wrote.

Markey also apologized to the girl in the letter. He wrote that he was scared but believed he did the right thing by testifying against Dennis Drass, 20, who was convicted of raping her.

Kopriva told Markey he missed the point of the sentence, which was to make him try to understand what happened to the victim.

The judge then tacked another requirement onto Markey’s sentence: he must read three books on rape and write four-page reports on each. He won’t be eligible for parole until he completes the assignment.

Markey testified he watched Drass rape the girl after the two men raided the party and pretended they were police officers.

The girl had passed out because she drank too much, witnesses said.