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Motorists Who Lost Tires to ‘Stinger’ Want State to Pay

May 23, 1996

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) _ Innocent motorists got stung by the ``stinger,″ a 16-foot strip of 110 spikes police use to slow fleeing drivers.

Now the victims want the state to pay for their punctured tires.

State Police used the experimental device Monday in trying to stop a driver accused of leaving a gas station without paying. He missed the spikes, but eight passing cars ran over them, deflating a total of 20 tires.

Trooper Jan Wuchner blamed miscommunication between the officer in pursuit and the one setting out the spikes.

One of the innocent motorists, Lewis Morris, was driving on Interstate 75 when troopers motioned him to the left and over the spikes.

``Like blind sheep, we were all led across this thing,″ he said.

The suspect surrendered later Monday.

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