LONDON (AP) _ A leading British churchman criticized the new museum dedicated to Princess Diana and said in an interview published Sunday that he is worried by the public adulation of the princess.

The museum, opened July 1 by her brother Earl Spencer at the estate where Diana grew up, includes home movies, her wedding gown and some of her high-fashion dresses.

``It's the last thing she would have wanted,'' David Hope, the Archbishop of York, was quoted as saying in The Sunday Times.

``She would be saying to people, 'Don't think about me, rather think about the causes I tried to effect to make the world a better place.'''

The archbishop, effectively the second-ranking leader of the Church of England, also said he was concerned by some of the continuing adulation of Diana.

``We should be careful that she is not worshipped. That worship should be directed to the God who created her,'' Hope said.