WASHINGTON (AP) _ Rep. Jack Kemp has proposed routine AIDS testing for people undergoing regular medical checkups, immigrants, health workers, hospital patients, marriage license applicants, people arrested for drugs or prostitution and those whose blood is tested for other communicable diseases.

''When a fatal disease has no cure it is only common sense to place the greatest emphasis on preventing its spread,'' Kemp, R-N.Y., said Wednesday, addressing the Coalitions for America, a conservative political action committee.

Kemp, of Buffalo, N.Y., is seeking his party's nomination for president.

He said the names of those carrying the AIDS virus should be reported to public health authorities to prevent the spread of the disease by informing those who may have been exposed, without naming the carrier.

''Public health authorities and private physicians have had a great deal of experience in protecting the confidentiality of medical records,'' he said. ''And public health records are protected by law.''

Such information should be disseminated ''on a right-to-know basis,'' Kemp said.

''Obviously, if a student is infected, this should be reported to the local school superintendent or school board president, who has responsibility for the protection of that child and other children,'' he said. ''And emergency personnel and public health care workers must be informed to prevent their contracting the virus in the course of their work.''

Kemp also proposed an AIDS education program that would stress that ''traditional views of sex and marriage are the best means for preventing the spread of the AIDS virus.'' While condoms can reduce the risk of contracting Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, he said, they do not make ''sexual contact with an infected person 'safe'.''