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Sonny Bono Tangle on Ski Slope Leaves Facial Gash

January 12, 1996

PALM DESERT, Calif. (AP) _ Politics can be a tough business. Getting away from it can be tough, too, as Sonny Bono found out when he got a deep gash on his chin in an accident while skiing.

The entertainer turned Republican congressman took Thursday morning off to ski in the Big Bear Lake area east of Los Angeles. He and another skier collided, and Bono ended up with 11 stitches.

The accident made him half an hour late for a campaign appearance at the Joslyn Cove Community Senior Center.

``I thought, `Gosh, it’s good to be home, and what’s so wonderful here is you can sit by the pool or you can go up in the mountains and go skiing,‴ Bono explained when he arrived. ``I chose to go skiing, and that was the wrong choice.″

Spokesman Frank Cullen said the cut was inflicted by the other person’s ski.

``I hit somebody or they hit me, so it was their fault,″ Bono joked.

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