Longmont Auctioning Off Emergency Warning Sirens

July 31, 2018

An emergency warning siren owned by the City of Longmont is seen Monday near the intersection of Airport and Nelson roads. The malfunctioning sirens were turned off in 2017 and are being put up for auction.

If you’re in the market for outdoor emergency warning sirens, you’re in luck.

The city of Longmont has put its outdoor sirens up for auction through Roller Auction after decommissioning the system last spring, according to city spokesman Rigo Leal.

The City Council voted unanimously in April 2017 to use other technology to alert residents about severe weather and tornadoes after the system started to malfunction and self-activate in October 2016.

Individually, the sirens function correctly, according to Leal. The system itself, made up of hardware and software, didn’t meet the city contract’s performance specifications, which required “successful tests of the system with no errors and no error codes,” he said.

According to the listing on Roller Auctions, the system has 13 poles, which are not included, each of which has eight sirens, four batteries, one solar panel, and a variety of other electrical equipment.

The buyer would be responsible for removing the sirens from the poles, which are 60 to 75 feet high.

While Leal didn’t know the starting price by the end of the day Monday, according to the listing the next required bid is $2.50.

Roller Auction specializes in valuing and selling assets for cash through auctions and other means, and it works with clients ranging from corporations and businesses to government agencies to individuals.

If an osprey nest is found on a pole, no one would be allowed to touch that pole while the bird nests, according to the listing.

Longmont now uses reverse 911 calls and text messages to alert residents about emergencies, as well as the SMARTWeather Alerting System and other public notification systems.

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