Plant a Tree courtesy of the West U Tree Trust

November 12, 2018

The city of West University Place is currently accepting applications from residents interested in obtaining a complimentary tree from the city’s Tree Trust.

Applications are available at the city’s Development Services Office, located at 3826 Amherst, or print one out online at http://westutx.gov/233/West-University-Tree-Trust. The deadline for applications is Friday, November 30.

Trees from the Tree Trust may only be planted in the street right-of-way. Available planting space should be carefully considered when selecting the type of tree, as city contractors will not plant tree species that mature into large trees beneath the canopy of an existing healthy tree or beneath overhead utility lines. Visibility triangles at street intersections and at street and driveway intersections should also be considered.

Applicants who have the required growth space and are approved will receive a tree in a 65-gallon container at no cost. The tree will be approximately 8 feet tall and 3 inches in caliper. City contractors will plant, stake, mulch and fertilize the trees. The applicant will be responsible for watering and maintenance after planting.

The Tree Trust was established as a means to ensure the regeneration and diversity of the city’s Urban Forest. The Tree Trust is funded by residents and contractors who have removed trees for the construction of homes, garages, pools or other structures and did not have enough space on their lot to plant the minimum required replacement plantings.

Contact Craig Koehl, Urban Forester, at 713-662-5313 or ckoehl@westutx.gov for more information.

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