TAMPA, Fla. (AP) _ Two boys who found $4,000 in a paper bag in the street and turned it in were rewarded for their honesty Friday with baseball tickets, honorary titles, keys to the city and other gifts.

``This must be worth $2,000,'' said Jarvarious Jones, 13, as he looked at some of the gifts that officials and others lavished on him and 13-year-old Oscar Carter _ baseball uniforms, bike helmets, gift certificates, shirts and an invitation to throw out the first pitch at a Tampa Devil Rays ball game.

The boys were also made honorary prosecutors, policemen, Secret Service agents and sheriff's deputies and received a commendatory phone call from Gov. Jeb Bush.

``We're really proud of what you did,'' Bush said.

``I'm really surprised,'' said Oscar. ``It makes me feel a lot special.''

The teens found the dirty paper bag stuffed with $100 bills as they were waiting for their school bus Feb. 13. They thought about keeping it, but instead turned the money in when they arrived at school. Schoolmates teased them for not keeping it, they said.

``I knew I had to turn it in because it didn't belong to me,'' Jarvarious said.

``You have set an example for people of all ages,'' said Hillsborough State Attorney Mark Ober.

Andrew Pride, a 72-year-old car salesman from Chicago, said he lost the cash during a golfing vacation and figured it was gone for good. Pride rewarded Oscar with a weekend shopping trip and gave money to Jarvarious.

Jacqueline Jones, Jarvarious' mother, said she was proud of her son.

``I always said to him to be honest, treat people as you want to be treated and if something isn't yours, find the owner,'' she said.