Letter to the editor: Toomey has responsibility to counter Trump

August 8, 2018

The following is a letter to Sen. Pat Toomey:


A lofty title, but Trump has now evolved into a position to cause the United States to move in a direction opposite our history and traditions. The failure to act in Europe in the late 1930s led to a world war. We are rapidly approaching that same place. Thanks to modern communications our “norms” are dissolving so quickly that the effect is hardly realized for one event, as the next is already occurring.

Trump’s performance in Helskinki was a giant leap toward that abyss. Please do not so be so afraid of a miserable job that you fail to act to stem this trend. Your voters are in lock-step with Trump. It is your responsibility to gently show them the reality of the moment. Let me repeat -- you have a responsibility to educate your voters about the complexities and probable outcomes of what is happening. Being a senator is a two-way street.

Richard Boley


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