Three cars stolen from two homes in town of Middleton, Sheriff’s Office says

January 31, 2019

Three vehicles were stolen from two different homes in the town of Middleton Wednesday, despite the biting cold temperatures, Dane County Sheriff’s Office said.

Thieves found an unlocked car left in a resident’s driveway Wednesday afternoon with a garage-door opener, which they then used, Lt. Gordy Bahler said.

The thieves also got into the home through the unlocked, interior garage door, Bahler said.

The thieves took several valuable items from the home and drove away with two of the residents’ vehicles, Bahler said, all while the residents were awake and inside their home.

Earlier that afternoon, one man had left his car running and unlocked in his driveway, and a thief got into the vehicle and drove away, Bahler said.

“It was stolen in the little time it took him to walk into the house and look out the front window,” Bahler said.

Bahler called for residents to lock doors to their vehicles and homes and to take valuables out of their cars.

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