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Man Who Reportedly Offended Queen Is Freed After Being Jailed 3 Days

May 12, 1986

WINDSOR, England (AP) _ A man arrested after reportedly urinating against a tree on the grounds of Windsor Castle, one of Queen Elizabeth II’s homes, was freed by a court Monday because he had been in jail for three days.

Press Association, the British domestic news agency, reported earlier that police arrested Tommy O’Boyle on Friday for being drunk after the queen saw him urinating as she drove home to Windsor Castle.

″The queen was so shocked that she told a guard at the castle gate about the incident and a man was detained,″ the news agency said.

But the monarch’s spokesman, Michael Shea, denied the queen saw the man and said: ″She was totally unaware of the incident.″ Shea confirmed the queen was in the vicinity at the time.

Prosecutors made no mention of the queen when O’Boyle appeared in court today at Windsor, 22 miles west of London.

Prosecutor Pamela Snowdon said O’Boyle was arrested ″as a result of information from a gatekeeper.″ When found by police, O’Boyle’s speech was unintelligible, his breath smelled of alcohol and he was arrested for being drunk in a public place, the prosecutor said.

Magistrate John Whitfield told O’Boyle that in view of the time in custody ″you will have an absolute discharge for this offense.″

Welshman O’Boyle said he went to Windsor Park ″for a day out and a couple of beers and got drunk.

″I haven’t worked in six years. There is no work in south Wales,″ he added.

Thames Valley police said, ″The alleged offense was seen by a keeper in Windsor Great Park who informed the police. The queen was in the vicinity at the time.″

A police official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the monarch cannot by law give evidence in a criminal court or make a statement to police complaining of an alleged offense.

Also today, Scotland Yard confirmed a report in the Daily Mail that a man walked into the royal mews alongside Buckingham Palace and drove off with a Land Rover belonging to the queen. London police cautioned the man and set him free, the Daily Mail said.

Scotland Yard reported the man, who officials did not identify, was arrested near the palace after the theft, which took place early Thursday. Police refused to say why no charge was lodged.

The mews houses the queen’s horses and cars and those of her household staff, many of whom live in apartments there. Staff members drive in and out, as do tradesmen delivering goods to the palace. The big iron gates usually stand open, although there is a guard at the gate.

Buckingham Palace security reportedly was tightened in 1982 after a man climbed a drainpipe, entered the queen’s bedroom, sat on her bed and spoke to her. The queen called for assistance, and the man was arrested. He was released later.

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