Celebrate Space Week with the Rochester Astronomy Club

October 5, 2018

What better time to observe the stars than Space Week?

View the moon, stars and planets with the Rochester Astronomy Club as they lead the public in a viewing at Eagle Bluff Friday.

In time for Space Week, the event brings the world of science, technology and space itself to the area.

Club member Josef Chlachula said that’s the point of this and all their viewings.

“Unfortunately, there is no public observatory in Rochester,” he said. “There is no building with a telescope where you can look at stars, the moon or whatever. I think it’s important that people in Rochester have the chance once a month to go and look at the sky.”

With their first public viewing two years ago in Peace Plaza, monthly viewings are now planned at the Watson soccer fields, which are ideal due to their lack of light within the city limits.

However, viewings there aren’t always successful in seeing other galactic elements like nebullas or even the Milky Way.

Chlachula said Eagle Bluff, where the club goes for “dark sky” trips, are out of the way of the city’s light pollution.

The public can now experience that type of viewing trip Friday.

But while Chlachula said it’s a great way to see the many features of space, he said using a telescope is more than simply looking at what’s out there.

“There is a curiosity factor, but there is also a difference between if you see Jupiter, Saturn or even the moon through your own eyes and a telescope or through a screen,” Chlachula said. “You realize you have all of those wonderful pictures, but you have the chance to see it yourself and have that personal experience.”

Updates on viewing events, such as Friday’s at Eagle Bluff, can be found at the Rochester Astronomy Club’s website and Facebook page.

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