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Bonnie Storms Ashore; Northeast Temps Unseasonably Low

June 26, 1986

Undated (AP) _ Hurricane Bonnie whipped up rain and 85 mph winds today as it howled ashore at Port Arthur, Texas, and spun off tornadoes, while temperatures in the Northeast were unseasonably low for the second straight day.

Showers were scattered across Arizona and New Mexico, and thunderstorms struck from the Plains into the Great Lakes states and in Georgia and South Carolina.

Bonnie, the first hurricane of the 1986 season, was blamed for at least two deaths after it came ashore south of Port Arthur, Texas. After it hit land, however, Bonnie’s winds weakened to 45 mph and it was downgraded to a tropical storm.

Electricity was knocked out in Port Arthur and the storm tide and heavy rain flooded streets and low-lying areas. Two tornadoes touched down near Beaumont, Texas.

In the Northeast, early morning temperatures dropped into the 40s across much of New England, New York and eastern Pennsylvania, and down to 38 in Vermont.

Scattered frost chilled the northern mountains in West Virginia, and light snow fell in Dunraven Pass in Yellowstone National Park, Wyo.

Today’s forecast called for thunderstorms across southern and central Florida and along the Gulf of Mexico Coast through the upper Texas coast; showers and thunderstorms scattered from the upper Mississippi Valley through the upper Great Lakes region and across the Rockies; and thunderstorms widely scattered across the High Plains.

Highs will be in the 70s in northern Michigan, the northern and middle Atlantic Coast states and along the Pacific Coast; 100 to 115 in interior California and the desert Southwest; and 80s to 90s across most of the rest of the nation.

Temperatures around the nation at 3 a.m. EDT ranged from 38 degrees at Saint Johnsbury, Vt., to 92 at Las Vegas, Nev.

Other reports:

-East: Atlanta 81 fair; Boston 54 fair; Buffalo 56 cloudy; Cincinnati 58 fair; Cleveland 55 cloudy; Detroit 59 fair; Miami 74 fair; New York 56 fair; Philadelphia 60 fair; Pittsburgh 54 partly cloudy; Portland 47 fair; Washington 61 fair.

-Central: Bismarck 72 cloudy; Chicago 61 fair; Dallas-Fort Worth 76 hazy; Denver 72 cloudy; Des Moines 73 partly cloudy; Indianapolis 59 fair; Kansas City 77 fair; Minneapolis-St. Paul 77 windy; Nashville 64 fair; New Orleans 78 partly cloudy; St. Louis 75 fair.

-West: Albuquerque 61 showery; Anchorage 51 fair; Las Vegas 92 fair; Los Angeles 60 cloudy; Phoenix 91 partly cloudy; Salt Lake City 69 fair; San Diego 64 cloudy; San Francisco 56 fair; Seattle 60 fair.

-Canada: Montreal 48 fair; Toronto 57 cloudy.