The Move Movement Beginner Running Class starts its nine-week session Tuesday at Robert’s Running Shop

February 23, 2019
Courtesy of Kathleen Clark The Move Movement, a beginner's running class offered by Robert's Running and Walking Shop in Huntington, aims to help folks create a running habit by providing personalized coaching in a supportive team environment. Many of the program's class members go on to complete their first 5Ks or set personal bests in 5Ks.

HUNTINGTON - There’s one thing about the Move Movement. It will not and can not stand still.Once again, The Move Movement Beginner Running Class is starting a new nine-week session that begins on Tuesday, Feb. 26 over at Robert’s Running Shop, 1440 4th Ave., Huntington, at 6:30 p.m.The class is for beginner runners who have never run before or who are new to running and want to learn how to run faster and safely increase mileage. The program begins as a run/walk and modifications will be made depending on fitness level. The class caps at 30 participants (and has filled up the last four sessions). Cost is $80 for the nine-week program which ends with a goal race - the Love Your Library 5K in Ashland on April 26. Go online at https://www.robertsrunning.com/training-and-clinics or call 304-522-7867 to sign up.Former Marshal runner, Kathleen Smith (formerly Kathleen Clark) started the program back in 2015 and has been hosting its seasonally in fall and winter/spring helping more than 200 people learn the proper techniques and get motivated to become runners.

Smith has been one of the active Huntington Road Runners Club members who has promoted running through new avenues including this class as well as through the annual Runnington Scavenger Hunt that is organized out of Robert’s Running Shop. Those efforts helped get the Road Running Club get featured in a multi-page spread feature article in Runner’s World Magazine’s October 2016 issue, “Can Running Save Huntington?” “The name of the class is Move Movement because the goal of the class is literally to get people moving,” Smith said. “It’s so fun to see my athletes at the end of 9 weeks. They feel better, they’re more confident, and they’re running a 5K when a couple months ago they never thought that would be possible.“The class helps people ease into becoming a runner, said Smith, who has an undergraduate degree in marketing and management and a master’s in human resource management from Marshall.“I try not to talk about where we’re going too much,” she said. “If you tell someone in week five we’re going to run for 20 minutes, they’ll leave. They don’t think they can do it, so you have to start small and you kind of shield them for what’s ahead - especially people who haven’t run before because there’s fear there, the fear of failure.“Though the ultimate goal is to complete a 5K, which consists of three miles, Smith said she starts people off with baby steps.“We start with a 30-second jog and 90-second walk,” she said. “Most people can run for 30 seconds. They just don’t know it if they haven’t tried, and we just slowly build from there and add in things like hills and sprints, and then it happens. All of a sudden we’re at week six and people are running for 25 minutes in a row, and they didn’t think they could run for two minutes.“Smith said one thing that really helps motivate folks is that they get inspired by other people in the class who are on the journey with them.“The group setting helps my runners so much. You know you’ve got this crew behind you holding you accountable and rooting for your success,” Smith said. “It’s so hard to believe this will be our 10th session of the Move Movement. It started in the summer of 2015. I had no idea how many people would be interested in taking the class.“Recently, she put up a social media post on Facebook asking runners to share their experiences and was overwhelmed by the response of people’s positive experiences.“The class was a perfect introduction to running,” wrote Brandy Fry, a Move Movement Alum.“I went from only running to the fridge on occasion, to running a half marathon. I still use the skills and techniques I learned in class to this day. If you’re looking to get into running but don’t know how to go about it, start here. I can’t recommend this class enough.“Jodi Zimmerman wrote, “I had ran on and off for years but had really let myself go and needed some motivation to get myself off the couch. Kat’s class was exactly the motivation I needed to get running again. I took the Fall 2018 class and I went from barely being able to run for 30 seconds and now, after keeping up with my running after the class ended, to being able to run for 4-5 miles. The class was so much fun and I learned so much.“Go online at https://www.robertsrunning.com/training-and-clinics or call 304-522-7867 to sign up.