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Man Found Dead In Chimney

February 1, 1989

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) _ A man who got stuck inside a church chimney died slowly as his body cooked during a two-day period, police said.

″We don’t know if he suffocated from carbon monoxide or if the heat got to him. The heat could have gotten to between 1,200 and 1,500 degrees, so it had to have been a horrifying death,″ said Sgt. Richard Andress. ″His body didn’t burn. It cooked. The body literally cooked or baked.″

Keeno E. Exum, 27, was found Monday inside the 30-foot-high chimney of Mount Sinai Baptist Church. The body was about 5 feet from the base when police went to investigate complaints that smoke and soot were spewing from the building’s furnaces, authorities said.

″It’s unbelievable how he even got in there. Once you get in there, you can’t get out,″ Andress said.

The chimney was 16-by-16 inches in diameter, said Andress, who did not know what the man was doing in the chimney.

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