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EU Policy Head: Iran Attack Would Be Wrong

February 6, 2005

LONDON (AP) _ A military attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities would be a mistake, the European Union’s foreign policy chief said Sunday.

There is widespread international suspicion that the United States might invade or attack Iran, which it accuses of using a civilian nuclear power program to hide an illegitimate weapons program. Iran denies the charge.

Javier Solana told Britain’s ITV television network that such a strike ``would be something I would not like to see taking place.″

``That would be a mistake. That will complicate enormously the situation,″ Solana said, according to excerpts released in advance. ``Unilateral action of that nature I don’t think will contribute to what is the aim of everybody ... I don’t think at this point in time that it is worth thinking about that.″

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, on a fence-mending European tour, said Friday that an attack was ``simply not on the agenda at this point.″

Rice is seeking to restore trans-Atlantic relations strained by the Iraq war and tensions over Iran. Europe prefers to use diplomacy to contain Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Solana said that at the moment military action against Iran ``is very difficult to conceive.″

``I don’t think that the United States has at this point of time the wish or the will or the capability to do that,″ he said.

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