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Motorcycle Gang Hires Out for the Cameras

February 16, 1987

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Some of the bikers that hang out on Hollywood Boulevard have spent time behind bars, but Rent-A-Gang members try to spend their time in front of cameras.

It’s more fun to make a movie than it is to ask, ″Officer, did you have to hit me with that night stick?″ says Rent-A-Gang founder Dutch Van Dalsem.

For a price, the group’s rough-looking members will portray bikers, convicts, mountain men, or just general run-of-the-mill dregs of humanity.

Members, some with names like Clown and Wino, spend weekends at their sidewalk headquarters here. The group includes ex-cons and ex-cops, said Van Dalsem.

Members’ motorcycles are also for hire, said Van Dalsem, a former prison guard.

Rent-A-Gang’s credits include the films ″Cobra,″ ″Over the Top,″ and ″Ruthless People″ and television’s ″Cagney and Lacey″ and ″L.A. Law.″

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