Adam Kinzinger: Donald Trump should not close U.S.-Mexico border

April 2, 2019

Rep. Adam Kinzinger said Tuesday President Trump should not close the nation’s southern border with Mexico, adding “we’ve neglected our hemisphere too long.”

“I think the economic impact would be significant. It’s our third-largest trading partner so there’s a lot of commerce in and out of Mexico. Secondarily, I think we’re really in a fight with Central and South America for the heart and soul of the future of what that region looks like,” the Illinois Republican said on CNN’s “New Day” show.

“We’ve neglected our hemisphere too long, and we’re seeing the result of that, not just in the migration issue but in Chinese influence, for instance, in Central America and Latin America. The more we put up closed borders or withdraw aid from those areas, we’re actually leaving a vacuum for China to fill,” he continued.

Mr. Kinzinger added investing “hope and opportunity” for Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala would lead to less illegal immigration to the U.S.

The congressman was deployed earlier in the year to the border as part of the Air National Guard unit.

Mr. Trump told reporters Friday he had already ended payments to the three countries, referred to as the “Northern Triangle.”

The State Department announced they were following through with the president’s calls for aid to the three countries to be discontinued.

Mr. Trump said Saturday Mexico needs to “stop the many thousands of people” traveling through the country to reach the U.S., adding that closing the border was “the next step.”