Saving Money is No Longer Worth it, Says LifeAnt.com

August 7, 2018

LifeAnt.com Has Just Posted a Thought-Provoking Article on their Website that Examines Why Saving Money By Living in Less Costly Areas of the Country Might Not Be a Good Idea

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 7, 2018/Thomas Rockford, Founder of the life insurance quote comparison service LifeAnt.com, is pleased to announce that he has just posted an interesting article to the company’s website that examines why saving money may no longer be a good idea.

To read the new article, which is titled “Why You Should Stop Saving Money” in its entirety, please check out http://www.lifeant.com/stop-saving-money/.

As the new article notes, the idea to stop saving money is not the traditional advice people will hear from their financial advisors. But in 2018, when the price of housing in and near major cities is extremely high, people may want to stop squirreling away money and instead move to a larger city with more opportunities.

“If you think that you are better off living outside of a city and spending less on your cost of living, you are probably giving up way more in earnings potential than you are going to save,” the article noted, adding that not only are people giving up the income potential that comes with living in a city, but they are probably sacrificing their ability to take classes and additional job training as well.

The article also includes data that helps show how the highest incomes can be found in the major cities in the United States. For example, in Boston, MA, the median family income is over $102,000 a year, whereas in Maine the annual family income is $68,000.

As the new article concludes, if people are making a large enough income to put money away in savings, they should continue to do so. But for young people who have the opportunity to invest in their education and location, they may want to consider moving to a larger city.

“Over the course of 30 or 40 years, the difference in income could be millions of dollars in earnings. Take care of your location and career advancement opportunities, then look into your options for furthering your training,” the article noted.

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