Giving Tuesday benefits Food Bank

November 25, 2018

The time of giving is approaching, as families gather around the tables for holiday meals and begin finding gifts for their loved ones. Similarly, the West Texas Food Bank is raising money to ensure those who are struggling can have food on their plates this holiday season.

Giving Tuesday is next week, and in conjunction with the day, the West Texas Food Bank will hold their first ever fundraiser for that day.

“You’ve kind of made it through Thanksgiving and you’re done fighting at Walmart for the Nintendo and then it’s just time to think about what this season is all about,” WTFB Director of Marketing and Communications Craig Stoker said.

It’s completely online on Facebook, and every dollar donated will be doubled by PayPal with a cap up to $7 million for all charities participating. Stoker said he is hoping they can raise $20,000 for WTFB on Tuesday.

“If we can get 500 people to get $20, that’ll raise $20,000 for the Food Bank, so the opportunity here is pretty big and you don’t have to give big to have a big impact,” Stoker said.

Stoker is also encouraging others to start their own fundraisers on Facebook to support the West Texas Food Bank, which has become more common on Facebook as people hold fundraisers on their birthdays. Anyone interested in doing so can start their own fundraiser at https://fb.com/fund/FeedWestTX/.

WTFB serves 19 counties across West Texas, delivering food to various clients and food pantries. Stoker said the majority of their clients are either seniors living on fixed income or children in need, as 40 percent of their clients are 18 and younger, while 60 percent are 60 and older.

“The cost of living really does squeeze our seniors who are on fixed income and they can’t go out and work in the oilfields,” Stoker said.

Their Food 2 Kids programs, which provide kids with healthy meals to eat while they’re away from school, now serves its largest clientele ever, with about 1300 meals a week. And while the food is free, Stoker said they still have to pay for the boxes and drivers.

“There’s a lot of costs associated with what we do, and if you really take a high level overview of what West Texas Food Bank does we’re a delivery company,” Stoker said.

Giving Tuesday is next week beginning at 8 a.m. and will continue through the rest of the day.

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