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Burglar Identified from Slice of Finger Left at Scene

July 18, 1990

DALLAS (AP) _ A department store burglar was tracked down by a print made from a slice of finger he cut off when he climbed through a broken window.

James Carol Grisby was sentenced Tuesday to 35 years in prison after pleading guilty to the burglary and explaining in court how he lost part of his finger.

Had a slice of his finger not been left at Vivi’s department store, police say they might not have caught Grisby.

In court, Grisby, 31, admitted that he broke into the department store May 13. He said that as he climbed through a broken window, a piece of glass cut through his finger.

Although he was in severe pain and bleeding profusely, he said, he searched the store for valuables anyway, rummaging through pairs of pants and shoes.

Police found part of a finger in a shoe box, made a fingerprint from it and matched the print to Grisby, whose prints were on file from previous arrests.

He was arrested June 3 during a gasoline station burglary. He also pleaded guilty in that break-in.

Grisby also received a 35-year sentence in the gasoline station case. State District Judge Faith Johnson ordered that the sentences run concurrently.

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