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Georges Have Gorgeous Fun

February 23, 1993

SAN ANTONIO (AP) _ By George, it’s an off year for Washington. The George Club chose former pro basketball player George Gervin as George-of-the-Year over White House spokesman George Stephanopolous.

Way over.

The assistant coach of the San Antonio Spurs won with 15 votes; Stephanopoulos got three. George Foreman, the former heavyweight champion boxer, got five.

As usual, when club members voted Monday (you-know-who’s birthday), the winner wasn’t present.

The club was organized in 1989 on the bicentennial of George Washington’s presidential inauguration and the first and only one for George Bush.

Past winners include George Wendt, who plays Norm on NBC-TV’s ″Cheers;″ former President Bush; and country singer George Strait.

The club, open to anyone name George, meets once a year in February at George Stone’s Olmos Pharmacy.

″Anybody, whether they’re a George or a non-George, can call in and register their vote,″ said George Stalle, a marketing specialist and a club founder.

After the balloting, the Georges ate cake and reminded themselves of their motto: ″Still curious after all these years.″

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