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BC-BKC--NCAA-Top Talent

March 23, 2019
AP National Writer

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this spring’s NBA draft will feature lots of good players from lots of good college teams.

Or maybe it should.

As the numbers from recent seasons show, the path to the upper reaches of the NBA lottery does not always intersect with the road to the Final Four.

The NCAA Tournament’s 64-team bracket has been cut in half, and from Zion Williamson to Ja Morant to RJ Barrett and more, nearly a dozen potential lottery picks are still in the tournament, only one win away from the Sweet 16.

If even half of them make it, they’ll way outshine some classes from recent years.

Last year, the first eight college players selected in the draft were freshmen. This year, even with Williamson and Barrett in the mix, the number might not even be half that.


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