Huntington recycling yard nearing its capacity

December 16, 2018

HUNTINGTON — People still have time to get access to the recycling drop-off site in Huntington, but they need to act quickly because it’s almost at full capacity. Registrations for the drop-off site in Barboursville are now closed after filling up in November.

The Cabell County Solid Waste Authority is still taking registrations for key-fob access at the Huntington site at www.CCSWA.us. There’s a one-time fee of $5 for county residents, and non-county residents are required to pay $50 annually.

The low cost to recycle is part of a plan revamping the program thanks to a $100,000 commitment by Cabell County commissioners from the county’s economic development levy fund. Before the funding, fees were raised to $75 for everyone to get access to one of the sites.

Mark Buchanan, director of the Cabell County Solid Waste Authority, said the low-cost option has allowed many people who used to recycle to return to using the service.

“In the scheme of things, we are in much better shape than we were three or four years ago,” Buchanan said.

The recycling site in Huntington, located at 800 Virginia Ave., is serving nearly 1,200 households, which is nearing full capacity. Recycling bins at the site went from nine bins earlier this year to 15 bins currently.

Barboursville’s recycling site, located at 536 Depot St., is serving approximately 600 households. Buchanan said the site filled up in early November when registration was offered for free to county residents.

“Barboursville filled up quickly, and I think it’s proof we really need a large site somewhere between Barboursville and Milton, maybe in the Ona area,” Buchanan said. “It would be nice to identify a site if funds become available.”

Part of the revamped recycling program comes with a goal to establish a drop-off site between Huntington and Barboursville to alleviate congestion at both sites. There’s already a site open weekly in Milton that transports recycling items to bins in Huntington.

Buchanan said the program has been running smoothly despite an increase in users over the past three months. There have only been a few cases of people dropping off items that are not allowed.

“We did have to deactivate a couple of fobs,” he said. “We had a few issues (last) weekend with people dropping off artificial pink Christmas trees in front of the bins.”

Buchanan said he wants to keep the sites clear of trash and items not accepted by Rumpke Waste and Recycling in Ohio to honor the county’s commitment to the program.

“The county has really invested a lot of money,” he said. “We just have to make sure we are trying to do our part and produce really good material that Rumpke wants, and that it’s actually recycled.”

Cabell County Solid Waste Authority Board President Stephen Zoeller said he hopes county commissioners see the value of the program and agree to fund it beyond 2019.

“Our hope is that they will find it necessary,” Zoeller said. “We will look to get some grants to help supplement that and to help spread the burden a little bit, but the reality is if they don’t fund it, then we have to go back to paying again.”

No more registrations will be accepted once the Huntington site reaches full capacity.

Travis Crum is a reporter for The Herald-Dispatch. He may be reached by phone at 304-526-2801.

Do’s and dont’s of recycling in Cabell County

The Cabell County Solid Waste Authority is asking residents to help keep recycling open for all county residents by following these do’s and don’ts:


n Don’t drop plastic/garbage bags into the bins. All items should be placed loosely in the bins.

n Don’t put items contaminated with food scraps in the bins, including greasy pizza boxes.

n Don’t put Christmas wrapping, tissues, paper plates, egg cartons, plastic wrap, light bulbs, napkins, paper cups or Styrofoam in the bins. None of these items are accepted.

n Don’t leave materials outside the gate or on the ground. People who do may be subjected to litter ordinances in Huntington or Barboursville and be potentially fined.


n Do empty liquids from bottles and thoroughly rinse food containers.

n Do break all boxes down or flatten them. It’s best to conserve space for your neighbors.

n Do place only items on the accepted list in the bins. Just because something has a recycling number or symbol on it doesn’t necessarily mean that Rumpke Waste and Recycling will accept it. The list of accepted items is available at www.CCSWA.us.

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