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Office in Manhattan Calls Shots in Hostage Crisis With AM-Hijack

June 17, 1985

NEW YORK (AP) _ The command post for Trans World Airlines during the hijack crisis of Flight 847 is the midtown Manhattan office of Capt. Richard J. Kenny, TWA’s senior vice president for flight operations.

The office - where TWA decision-makers get information about the flight, consult with the government and issue orders - has been out of bounds to reporters and other observers during the hijack crisis for the safety of those involved, Jerry W. Cosley, TWA’s chief spokesman, said Monday.

Cosley said the command room on the 42nd floor of an East Side office building contained the regular office telephone system and maps, but adjoining rooms ″have other intricate telephone links.″

″At maximum, we have eight people there at a given time,″ said Cosley. ″We want to hold down the number - just key personnel who are there t analyze the information available and provide information to the others that we’re in contact with.″

Kenny, or someone he deputizes, is in charge, Cosley said.

″We try to change staff to stay fresh,″ he said, ″but we weren’t able to stay too fresh until yesterday when the airplane stayed at Beirut and seemed to settle in. We started getting people across the street to hotels for some decent rest,″ he said.

″There’s no room for spectators,″ said Cosley. ″Not on this one. When we’ve got a single individual, no problem. But not where we’ve got international politics and a lot of things involved.″

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