Don’t ignore voice of Trump voters -- Jerald Kaminski

August 28, 2018

In the ’60s, I completed my college education and served two years in the military and vividly remember the protests of that time. The protests were against the Vietnam War, for civil rights, for women’s rights and other issues.

Protesters were called un-American, radicals and other names meant to discredit them, but they were simply concerned citizens protesting inequality in the conduct of the war and in the rights of all Americans.

In 2016, another protest occurred. The protest was a vote for Donald Trump. The demographics of the protesters were different, but the issue of inequality was the same. It was about the inequality in access to quality health care, education, financial well-being and government representation.

Again the protesters are discredited by the media, Hollywood and establishment elite by calling them ignorant, deplorable and white supremacists. About 46 percent of the people who voted for president in 2016 (63 million people) favored Trump. They felt nobody else cared about them, and maybe this guy would.

I can think of a hundred better ways to protest than voting for Trump. But worse than the vote that elected him is ignoring the voice of the citizens who voted for him.

Jerald Kaminski, Deerfield

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