COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) _ Here is the list of the 40 national semifinalists for the Journalist-In- Space Project chosen from five regions across the country: NORTH-CENTRAL REGION

Theresa M. ''Terry'' Anzur, NBC News reporter, Washington.

Joan M. Esposito, WLS-TV reporter, Chicago.

Paul G. Hayes, Milwaukee Journal science reporter.

Hal Higdon, a Michigan City, Ind., free-lance writer.

Jim Klobuchar, Minneapolis Star and Tribune columnist, Minnetonka, Minn.

Caroline T. ''Terry'' Marotta, a Winchester, Mass., free-lance journalist.

Paul H. Recer, Houston Space Center correspondent for The Associated Press.

Barbara M. Stanton, Detroit Free Press reporter. WESTERN REGION

A. Blaine Baggett, KCET-TV executive producer, Los Angeles.

Timothy T. Ferris, a Hollywood, Calif., free-lance journalist.

Michael W. Gold, Science 86 Magazine contributing editor, San Rafael, Calif.

Richard Hart, KPIX-TV reporter, San Francisco.

Thomas J. ''Jay'' Mathews, Washington Post Los Angeles bureau chief, Pasadena, Calif.

Lee N. McEachern Jr. KGO-TV in San Francisco reporter, Greenbrae, Calif.

Charles W. Petit, San Francisco Chronicle reporter.

Peter M. Rinearson, Seattle Times reporter. SOUTHEAST REGION

Jay Barbree, NBC News Southeastern correspondent, Cocoa Beach, Fla.

Marcia F. Bartusiak, a Norfolk, Va., free-lance science writer.

Robert A. Navias, United Press International correspondent, Coral Gables, Fla.

Alexander H. Rossiter, UPI science editor, Columbia, Md.

Anne K. ''Kathy'' Sawyer, Washington Post reporter.

Barry D. Serafin, ABC News national correspondent, Fairfax, Va.

James J. Snyder ''Jim Slade,'' Mutual Broadcasting System correspondent, McLean, Va.

James T. Wooten, ABC News national correspondent, Washington. NORTHEAST REGION

William B. Blakemore, ABC News correspondent, New York.

Walter L. Cronkite, CBS News special correspondent, New York.

Morton N. Dean, Independent News Network correspondent, Ridgefield, Conn.

Jerry M. Flint, Forbes Magazine national editor, New York.

Stanley S. Grossfeld, Boston Globe photography director, Squantum, Mass.

Roger Rosenblatt, TIME senior writer, New York.

Lynn B. Sherr, ABC News national correspondent, New York.

John Noble Wilford, New York Times science news reporter, New York. SOUTH-CENTRAL REGION

James R. Asker, Houston Post science, technology and space reporter.

Frederic K. ''Ted'' Conover, a Denver free-lance writer.

Diane Eicher, Denver Post health writer, Lakewood, Colo.

John C. Hockenberry, National Public Radio reporter, Chicago.

Michael R. Masterson, WEHCO Media special writer, Little Rock, Ark.

Storer H. Rowley, Chicago Tribune national correspondent, Dallas.

Colice Kathryn ''Katie'' Sherrod, Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Robert M. White II, Mexico Ledger publisher, Mexico, Mo.