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Yeltsin Fires His Special Representative in Chechen-Ingush Region

November 14, 1991

MOSCOW (AP) _ Boris Yeltsin fired his special representative in the Chechen-Ingush region Wednesday for sending back assessments that Yeltsin said provoked the imposition of emergency rule in the separatist Muslim enclave.

The Tass news agency said Akhmed Arsano was relieved of his duties for spreading ″disinformation.″ Yeltsin, the Russian president, ordered emergency rule in Chechen-Ingush on Friday on the basis of this ″disinformation,″ Tass said.

Yeltsin on Tuesday backed off the emergency rule declaration after the Russian legislature demanded a political answer to the crisis in the enclave, an autonomous section of Russia in the Caucasus Mountains.

Yeltsin sent 1,000 troops to enforce his state of emergency on Friday. Two days later, armed supporters of Gen. Dzhokar Dudayev, president of the region, escorted them back to the Russian border.

The Tass news agency reported Wednesday that a Russian KGB major had been killed in the region. It said Maj. Viktor Tolstenev had been detained by Chechen-Ingush troops Monday because he was carrying weapons.

The report did not say how he was killed. Tolstenev’s body was delivered to a morgue in Grozny, the region’s capital, Wednesday morning.

Dudayev, a former Soviet bomber pilot, has said he will negotiate with Russia only when the independence of his people was recognized.

The Chechen-Ingush area, 900 miles southeast of Moscow, is home to 1.3 million people, mostly Muslims of Turkic background.

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