Letters To The Editor 9/24/2018

September 24, 2018

Women progressing

Editor: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo stated that America never was all that great.

His beef seems to be that women do not share broadly in the nation’s prosperity.

There are 60 self-made women entrepreneurs and executives worth more than $333 million each and thousands more worth more than $1 million. Women are CEOs of dozens of major companies, including the men’s club called the New York Stock Exchange.

Eren Ozmen immigrated here from Turkey in the 1980s, worked her way through college and in 1994 she bought Sierra Nevada and has a net worth of $1.3 billion. She says the reason she came here was because it was the country with the best opportunities for women to succeed and she believes that is still true.

In 2013, Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, wrote a book, “Lean In,” and made her TED talk on the subject of why we don’t have enough women executives. She says many women hold themselves back because they don’t have the right approach to promoting themselves. Progressives were outraged by a female executive saying that women had to change the way they presented themselves to achieve success.

Somehow, it is men who need to change the culture of business to allow women to be themselves and do things their own way. Apparently, males hold women back. Never mind that successful male executives have taken many classes and seminars learning how to be business leaders rather than just doing it their way.

The United States still leads the world in opportunity for women to succeed in business. We may still have work to do but greatness does not require perfection. We are still the strongest, largest economy in the world and many more ambitious people, including women, want to immigrate here rather than to any other country.




Unethical farce

Editor: Sadly, it would seem that the confirmation hearing for Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court has turned into a complete amoral farce.

Sen. Orrin Hatch is 85 and Sen. Chuck Grassley is 84. They were on this same committee back in 1991 and both demanded then that the FBI investigate Anita Hill’s accusations of sexual harassment against Clarence Thomas. The FBI investigated, although the Republican members of the committee treated Hill very poorly, especially Hatch and Grassley.

To the voters of Utah and Iowa, particularly the women voters of those two states: What are you people thinking? It is apparent that President Donald Trump wants another justice on the Supreme Court who would protect him from indictment should that prospect become a potential reality.

Trump’s presidency would, I suppose, be a not-so-funny joke if it not for the fact that it is merely a joke, period, and the American people are the butt of the joke.




Kavanaugh abused

Editor: The allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh are a coordinated attack to derail his confirmation to the Supreme Court.

The timing and motivation behind these charges are obvious. This insults all women who have been victims of true violence. It is also frightening that a man can have his reputation besmirched by an accuser with absolutely no evidence and who will not face the accused.

The judge and his family will forever be impacted by these unsubstantiated charges. He is the victim here.





Fear of truth

Editor: What will be remembered on Election Day is that if a person is innocent, they shouldn’t have any problem with being investigated by the FBI.

Why doesn’t Brett Kavanaugh want to be investigated by the FBI? The answer is that lying to the FBI is a serious crime and Kavanaugh has been alleged to have lied under oath. If he doesn’t want the truth to come out about him then what kind of a justice would he be?

Is he going to demand the truth in all cases or conceal or ignore or bend it in cases where he has a special interest? Having a Supreme Court justice who conceals, ignores or bends the truth where he has a special interest is a danger to us all. We already have a president who does that. The president has no regard for the truth. Soon, no one will know the truth.




Fracking safe

Editor: Relying on a deeply biased report, a recent Times-Tribune editorial (“Disclose all fracking chemicals,” Sept. 13) falls short of providing your readers with facts.

For starters, hydraulic fracturing fluids are typically made up of more than 99 percent water and sand and less than 1 percent of highly diluted additives that we commonly use in our everyday lives.

These fluid compositions are transparently disclosed, as required by state and federal law, and are posted online through Frac Focus, a searchable online database. Our organization — which represents the energy companies responsible for safely producing more than 95 percent of Pennsylvania’s natural gas — was an early and vocal supporter of greater transparency and disclosure.

But don’t take the industry’s word for this strong commitment to operational transparency, safety and environmental stewardship.

The state Department of Environmental Protection has reaffirmed this year the well-understood and scientifically proven fact that “there is no evidence that hydraulic fracturing has resulted in a direct impact to water supply in Pennsylvania.” Leading experts from Penn State and Yale recently published independent research asserting that fracking poses no threat to Pennsylvania’s water supplies.

That’s because of the industry’s best practices and commitment to protecting and improving our environment along with the strong regulations in place, which we overwhelmingly support.

Pennsylvania voters support the responsible, strongly regulated development of job-creating American natural gas. The Times-Tribune does a disservice to its readers by parroting unsubstantiated claims about safe energy development and its benefits, from out-of-state groups who want to stop this progress.




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