New Knowledge Adventure

April 16, 2019

I continue to be amazed at what I hear and how I am challenged from the New Knowledge Adventure classes I attend. As a former teacher I was familiar with Dr. Joe’s presentation of Kohlberg’s stages of Moral Development and Piaget’s Cognitive Development. However, what was new in this session was the list of consequences of behavior that produce either right-moral or wrong-immoral results. This list was approved by leading philosophers and psychologists and provides me with a basis to evaluate my own conduct.

Right-moral: Wrong-immoral:

1. Increases capacity to trust people. 1. Increases distrust of people.

2. Greater integrity in relationships. 2. Deceit and duplicity with others.

3. Dissolution of barriers that separate. 3. Produces barriers between others.

4. Cooperative attitudes 4. Resistant, uncooperative attitudes

5. Enhanced self-respect. 5. Diminished self-respect

6. General attitudes of faith, confidence 6. Exploitative behavior toward others

7. Fulfillment of individual potentialities 7. Thwarted individual capacities and

and a zest for living. disillusionment.

Perhaps these lists will help us as we face the onslaught of words to sift through as politicians try to convince us of their position for 2020 elections. What consequences do the individual presentations create?

Virginia Kelly,