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October 20, 1997

``I don’t think there is any doubt that in the incumbent administration and in the Congress decisions are heavily influenced in many cases by how large a contribution is made.″ _ Former President Carter on CNN’s ``Late Edition With Frank Sesno.″


``Alaska is the hardest trip I’ve ever done and the most interesting experience I’ve done in the wilderness.″ _ Oddarne Skaldebo, 51, who walked into the Alaskan village of Koyukuk on Saturday, 40 pounds lighter and a nearly month overdue. The Norwegian hiker said he just underestimated how hard it would be to walk alone across 200 miles of central Alaska, over tundra and through lowland brush.


``It was a good experience, but I’ve got to take care of soccer now.″ _ Willamette University junior Liz Heaston, who on Saturday kicked two extra points while becoming the first woman to play college football.

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