Incorrect meters, parking tickets frustrate downtown Raleigh drivers

May 6, 2019

Drivers in a section of downtown Raleigh are reporting issues with electronic parking meters.

According to numerous drivers, their parking receipts clash with the message displayed on the parking meter monitors at Lenoir Street and Fayetteville Street.

Watrice Woodridge told WRAL she’s had problems at the downtown Raleigh for weeks. According to Woodridge, the issue started when one of the machines took several minutes to print out her receipt.

Later that day, Woodridge said every car in the lot had a parking ticket because the machine was showing their time expired even though their receipts said it hadn’t. Woodridge even noticed her tickets printed out differently.

“We’ve been having issues it seems like for at least the last couple of weeks, where either it’s not showing that we actually paid or it’s taking forever, like I’ve had to wait three minutes,” said Woodridge. “What can you do? I really wish they would do better with the parking.”

When WRAL asked the City of Raleigh about the parking meter issues, the city said they’re aware of them and new pay stations will be installed this summer. All downtown Raleigh pay stations should all be replaced by the end of the year.

Anyone who experiences parking meter issues was asked to contact the City of Raleigh.