Richard Grommes: Blood on their hands

May 23, 2019

Editor: With the recent death of yet another “illegal” alien child while in “legal” detention after breaking into the United States of America, one needs to know who is responsible for the deaths of these children in our country “illegally”.

1. Could it be the irresponsible parents willing to jeopardize their child’s wellbeing by taking them on a 2,000-mile walkabout even if the child may have dangerous diseases or other ailments (Such as being too young for a trip of this magnitude) for which the child dies?

2. Could it be the new far left, liberal Socialist Party members and the American Civil Liberties Union who are enticing these “illegal” aliens with every thing under the sun free, hoping to increase their voting bloc and sitting on their pompous asses while doing nothing meaningful in Congress to solve the problem and disrupt “our” way of life? Note I did not use the term Democratic Party out of respect for a party that has long since passed away.

3. Could it be the biased liberal news media that keeps propagandizing the left’s Socialist Party mindless ideas?

4. Could it be the Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement employees, who are just doing their jobs which the people of the United States of America are paying them to do by performing their job with limited and unrealistic resources?

My guess that is not number four. The blood of these “illegal” children fall on number one, two and three and them only.

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