Letter to the editor: Seniors worked hard for comfort they enjoy

November 12, 2018

The letter “Senior citizens not sacred cows” (Oct. 10, TribLIVE) made me wonder who the sacred cows are. Seniors are people who worked full time or part time, paid taxes, and pinched pennies to put their kids through school while also saving for their retirements. If the writer sees a “large group” of seniors who now have what she terms a “comfortable income,” it is because they earned it. Seniors may spend retirement dollars for luxury items they can now afford, but it’s also savings for the medical fees we face as we age. The writer also fails to note that Social Security is the major income for most seniors.

We seniors worked hard and long and sacrificed for the comfort we have now. And we’re not just sitting around doing nothing with it. The Corporation for National and Community Service -- a federal agency -- notes that Americans ages 65-74 log the highest median hours of service. Young people might look to us as models and learn what we learned: There’s no such thing as a free ride.

Barbara Kalkis

San Jose, Calif.

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