State DHS-Guard tour to stop at base

September 1, 2018

The Indiana Department of Homeland Security and Indiana National Guard will embark on a statewide tour Wednesday to highlight collaborative efforts for safety and to respond to emergencies.

On Sept. 12, the tour will stop at Fort Wayne’s Air National Guard at 3005 Ferguson Road. The base is among 10 districts the two agencies will visit on a tour expected to end Oct. 3. Each event begins at 10 a.m.

“Our first responders work very closely with the Indiana National Guard on major disaster events, trainings and community response incidents,” Bryan Langley, executive director of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, said in a statement. “The concept behind Operation Force Multiplier is to gather together to better know one another, share resources and best practices and understand how and when our two agencies are called upon to help Hoosiers in need.”

The Indiana National Guard was deployed to help homeland security and local emergency responders respond to flooding in February and March. Flooding resulted in local and state emergencies and ultimately a national disaster declaration by President Donald Trump.

“This statewide tour will increase knowledge and strengthen bonds with our first responders so that when local incident commanders face overwhelming situations they know how and when the Indiana National Guard will respond,” Col. Jeff Hackett of the Indiana National Guard said in a statement. “We want to showcase the strong relationship between IDHS and the National Guard, which benefits all of Indiana.”

Town hall-style events will feature presentations by both agencies about their missions and priorities, and a panel will discusshow the agencies support one another.

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