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TRUMP (sent, developing)


DEMOCRATS-HACKING (sent, developing)







FORBES-HIGHEST-PAID ACTORS — George Clooney tops Forbes' highest-paid actors list. SENT: 135 words, photos.

BOOKS-TRUMP'S WOMEN — A best-selling author and Newsweek correspondent has a book coming out on President Donald Trump and the women in his life. SENT: 125 words, photos.

MANAFORT-RUNNING INTERN — Even on a fast-paced day of breaking news, the sprinting intern in the blue dress stood out. SENT: 130 words, photos.

FACEBOOK-APP BANNED — Facebook bans second quiz app on concerns user data misused. SENT: 210 words, photo.

WOODS-MICKELSON — Woods-Mickelson set for pay-per-view Thanksgiving weekend. SENT: 150 words, photo.

TV-BIG BANG THEORY — CBS' "The Big Bang Theory" to end in 2019 after 12 seasons. SENT: 120 words, photos.




TRUMP — President Donald Trump, angry that his former lawyer cut a deal with prosecutors, says "flipping ... almost out to be illegal." SENT: 900 words. UPCOMING: 850 words by 2 p.m.

TRUMP-RUSSIA PROBE-MANAFORT — A Donald Trump supporter who was on the Paul Manafort jury says a lone holdout prevented the jury from convicting the onetime Trump campaign chairman on all 18 counts. SENT: 130 words. UPCOMING: 650 words by 10 a.m.

DEMOCRATS-HACKING — What the Democratic Party first thought was a malicious attempt to hack the party's massive voter information file turns out to be just a security test. SENT: 130 words. UPCOMING: 450 words by 11 a.m.

DEMOCRATS-IMPEACHMENT — Democrats are pursuing an election-year strategy that seeks to highlight what the party calls Republican corruption, while trying to avoid direct talk of impeachment. SENT: 830 words.

HEALTH OVERHAUL-SIGN-UPS — A congressional watchdog says the Trump administration needs to step up its management of sign-up seasons for the Obama-era health law after mixed results last year in the throes of a failed GOP effort to repeal it. SENT: 610 words.

KANSAS-GOVERNOR-INDEPENDENT — Democrats who see hard-right Republican Kris Kobach's potential election as Kansas governor as a catastrophe are directing some of their frustration at a Kansas City-area businessman whose independent candidacy complicates their efforts to stop Kobach. SENT: 1,000 words, photos.




SOUTH AFRICA-TRUMP TWEET — The South African government is lashing out at President Donald Trump after he tweeted that his administration would look into farm seizures and the "large scale killing of farmers" in South Africa. With SOUTH AFRICA-TRUMP-FACT CHECK.

ROHINGYA-THE BOY — Even after the horror of mass killings and the long trek from Myanmar to Bangladesh through mountains and a river, Rohingya children are not safe. An Associated Press reporter writes a first-person story about the race to save one Rohingya boy who fell into a fetid waterway in a refugee camp. By Kristen Gelineau. SENT: 1,500 words, photos.

FRANCE-KNIFE ATTACK — A man flagged by French authorities as a suspected radical killed his mother and sister and seriously injured another woman in a knife attack that was quickly claimed by the Islamic State group. SENT: 630 words, photos. With FRANCE-KNIFE-ATTACK-THE-LATEST.

UGANDA-POP STAR — A Ugandan pop star-turned-lawmaker who opposes the longtime president is charged with treason in a civilian court, minutes after a military court dropped weapons charges. SENT: 600 words, photo. With UGANDA-POP STAR-THE LATEST.

BREXIT — Britain will unilaterally accept some European Union rules and give EU financial services firms continued access to the U.K. market in order to maintain stability if the country crashes out of the bloc without a deal, the country's top negotiator says. SENT: 270 words, photos. With BREXIT-AP EXPLAINS — A look at where the UK is in terms of Brexit.

AUSTRALIA-POLITICS — Australia's beleaguered prime minister warns he will quit Parliament on Friday if his disgruntled party continues to try to oust him, forcing a by-election that could cost the government its single-seat majority or pushing his successor into immediately calling general elections. SENT: 710 words, photos. With AP-EXPLAINS-AUSTRALIA-POLITICS — How Australians dump their prime ministers; AUSTRALIA-POLITICS-THE LATEST.

VENEZUELA-POWER CRISIS — In a city once called the Saudi Arabia of Venezuela for its vast oil wealth, residents of Maracaibo now line up to buy spoiled meat as refrigerators fail amid nine months of rolling power outages that recently got worse. SENT: 610 words, photos.

NKOREA-CONSTRUCTION CAMPAIGN — North Korea is speeding up the pace of a massive construction campaign ahead of its 70th anniversary in what leader Kim Jong Un has described as a symbolic battle against anyone who would oppose his country. SENT: 940 words, photos.

ASIA-TYPHOONS — An approaching typhoon whips up strong winds, waves and heavy rain in southern South Korea, leaving one person missing and one injured, while another typhoon headed for western Japan. SENT: 300 words, photos.




HURRICANE-LANE-HAWAII — As emergency shelters opened, rain began to pour and cellphone alerts went out — and the approaching hurricane started to feel real for Hawaii residents. SENT: 770 words, photos, video. With HURRICANE LANE HAWAII-THE LATEST. With SCIENCE SAYS-HAWAII HURRICANES — Hawaii and the central Pacific don't see many hurricanes, but unlike most of the globe this region is expected to get more as the world warms, scientists say. By Science Writer Seth Borenstein. SENT: 500 words, photo.

HARVEY-YEAR LATER-INEQUITABLE RECOVERY — Hurricane Harvey has been described as the storm that didn't discriminate, inflicting an estimated $125 billion in damage after it came ashore on Aug. 25, 2017. But community leaders say the poorest hard-hit areas have had a harder time recovering. They say that unlike wealthier homeowners who could draw on savings and were more likely to have insurance, low-income residents have been more reliant on a patchwork of organizations to meet their recovery needs. SENT: 980 words, photos. With HARVEY-YEAR LATER-NUMBERS — Harvey's deluge killed dozens and caused billions in damage.

CLERGY ABUSE-CATHOLIC WOMEN — Advocates of women's ordination as Roman Catholic priests are citing the church's unfolding sex abuse scandals as powerful arguments for their cause, while acknowledging, as they do so, the high unlikelihood of achieving that goal any time soon. By National Writer David Crary. SENT: 1,020 words, photo. With CLERGY ABUSE-KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS — Knights of Columbus leader urges church reforms after abuse.

IMMIGRATION-SEPARATING FAMILIES — Immigration authorities coerced dozens of parents separated from their children at the border to sign documents they didn't understand, according to a complaint expected to be filed. An APNewsBreak. SENT: 610 words, photos. With IMMIGRATION-ABOLISH ICE — Police arrest four at ICE protest outside Arizona jail.

MISSING STUDENT-IOWA — A Mexican man charged with killing an Iowa college student worked on a dairy farm for years under a false name just a few miles from where the young woman was allegedly abducted while running last month, his employer says. SENT: 1,020 words, photos, videos.

CONFEDERATE MONUMENTS-NORTH CAROLINA — Three Confederate monuments on the North Carolina Capitol grounds will feature signs with historical context about slavery and civil rights, following a decision by a state historical panel that said a monument honoring African-Americans also should be added. SENT: 780 words, photos.

GUN CONTROL MARCH — Massachusetts students will march 50 miles to the headquarters of gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson to call for stricter gun control in the aftermath of U.S. school shootings. SENT: 140 words. UPCOMING: Will be updated, photos planned.




US-CHINA TARIFFS — The United States and China go ahead with tariff hikes on billions of dollars of each other's automobiles, factory machinery and other goods in an escalation of a battle over Beijing's technology policy that companies worry will chill global economic growth. By Business Writer Joe McDonald. SENT: 510 words, photos. With US-CHINA TARIFFS-THE LATEST; FINANCIAL MARKETS — Global stock markets mostly higher as U.S., China hike tariffs.




OHIO STATE-MEYER — Ohio State suspended coach Urban Meyer for three games for mishandling repeated professional and behavioral problems of an assistant coach, with investigators finding Meyer protected his protégé for years through domestic violence allegations, a drug problem and poor job performance. By Sports Writer Mitch Stacy. SENT: 1,240 words, photos, video.




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