Democrats face impeachment dilemma -- Mark Quinn

January 7, 2019

Some are debating whether to push for President Donald Trump’s impeachment, based on his endless lies and malicious behavior, or simply wait until 2020 to oust him.

Though conviction in the Senate would be unlikely, a House impeachment proceeding would magnify the alarm that many, if not most, Americans feel with President Trump at the helm. His presidency is all the more troubling if you consider our chances of war with either Iran or North Korea with him in the White House.

The second option is to simply allow President Trump to prattle on with his divisive, uncompromising, lying demeanor, which will enhance the chances of further gains for the Democrats in Congress and most likely allow Democrats to take back the White House in 2020.

Each path presents its own problems. An impeachment process may actually improve his dismal poll numbers. But equally frightening is having his finger on that nuclear bomb button.

Considering that President Trump’s attitude and behavior is currently the Democrat’s biggest asset, it’s tempting to just play out his term in office.

No easy choices exist, but Trump’s recent meetings with congressional leaders displayed once again his problems with truthfulness and stability.

Mark Quinn, Madison

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