Wildsparq Leadership Development Platform Selects PeopleKeys to Create and Integrate Custom DISC Products

November 7, 2018

Youngstown, OH, Nov. 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PeopleKeys, a leader in custom behavioral solutions and integrations, is pleased to announce a successful custom DISC product and API integration with leadership-development experts Fireseeds and their platform, Wildsparq.

Justin Harris, COO of Fireseeds, explains how important it is for individuals to understand their behavioral styles:

“I consider the DISC tool to be critical to an employee’s personal well-being. DISC is an easy ‘language’ to learn around someone’s personality style. There are lots of assessments on the market and most of them provide good insight into an individual. The DISC is unique in that you can create a language around personality styles that can scale to your entire organization by learning the primary meanings of four letters: D-I-S-C.

DISC is also helpful for teams. It really does help get the right people in the right seats and enhances a team’s ability to communicate and get things done,” said Harris of using DISC to analyze the pulse of team members, leaders, and candidates.

Asked why they chose PeopleKeys, Harris replied:

“We chose PeopleKeys because we wanted a partner able to integrate into Wildsparq seamlessly. The PeopleKeys’ customer service team worked hard, making the experience of taking the DISC through Wildsparq to be a solid experience. PeopleKeys was a very affordable, custom solution.”

Other assessment methods and integration partners were considered by Fireseeds, but PeopleKeys’ DISC system has advantages, for it is easily interpreted using a combination of only four behavioral dimensions for an accurate view of behavior.

“There are assessment publishers, but they don’t make it as easy and affordable. The problem with other assessments is that you have to have an ‘expert’ in the room to decipher the basic things surrounding an assessment; this makes it almost impossible to scale throughout an organization,” said Harris.

About Fireseeds and Wildsparq

Fireseeds helps companies build a culture that leads to greatness by analyzing corporate culture, activating leadership and discovering candidates which fit the culture. Their Wildsparq platform makes leadership development an ongoing part of the culture.

About PeopleKeys

PeopleKeys, is recognized as an international behavioral analysis expert and leader for over 35 years. PeopleKeys has been providing DISC-based solutions to thousands of companies and millions of individuals worldwide. Their goal is to help people use people analytics to understand how behavioral analysis can enhance relationships, improve productivity, minimize conflict, and unlock the potential in today’s workforces. PeopleKeys’ behavioral courses, assessments, customizations, integrations, as well as training and consulting solutions, have been translated into over 33 languages.

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