Foodie alert! Food trucks now allowed in Deer Park

May 2, 2019

The city of Deer Park is adding some street cred to its culinary culture with City Council’s approval of an ordinance that allows food trucks to operate in the community if they follow certain guidelines.

Deer Park residents have been enthusiastic to the April 16 change, said Charlie Sandberg, the city’s parks and recreation director.

“We hope to see continued positive feedback as food trucks are integrated into city-sponsored events,” he said.

The ordinance allows food truck businesses to set up on private property with permission from the property owner or on city public property, such as a park, with the city’s permission, Assistant City Manager Gary Jackson said.

The change was sparked after food trucks were popular when the city allowed them at an event in 2017 celebrating the city’s 125th anniversary, City Councilwoman Sherry Garrison,.

“They were a huge hit with people the people who attended,” she said. “We think our citizens would also enjoy the food trucks at events such as Concerts in the Park.”

The ordinance does not allow for food trucks to travel from site to site within the city, and owners of the trucks must obtain a 90-day permit from the city secretary’s office and a permit from Harris County Public Health Department.

The food trucks can’t do business in a residential zoned area except for parks or on a public street, alley way or right-of-way.

The vote comes months after the city agreed not to change another ordinance on the books since the 1980s that prevents ice cream trucks from operating in the city. Officials said such trucks can create unwanted noise when they project music over speakers to draw customers.

At a council meeting last August, City Manager Jay Stokes said that preventing ice cream trucks from operating within the city limits was a measure meant prohibit public noise and block potential illegal activity.