Orchids and Onions: Monday, January 21, 2019

January 21, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Officer Earl Chalfant from the Lake Havasu Police Department. We need more officers like him who really help the community and cares about people. Please teach others in your office. Your job is so important. Thank you very much.

Onions to the condo dwellers who don’t clean up after their dog! Not a pleasant sight!

Orchids to Lake Havasu Golf Club. Had my 60th birthday party there and service was awesome. Prime rib was perfect. I would highly recommend them. What a wonderful staff, thank you for the great party. Pam and Steve

Onions to the pseudo professional who doesn’t pay their bills yet demands more from others. Karma is tapping on your shoulder.

Onions to drivers turning too sharply on left turns, and turning wide on right turns. Stay in your lane -- you are not driving a semi!

Onions to the City government for tearing up the main intersection of McCulloch and Lake Havasu Avenue during the busiest time of the season: Balloon Fest, Winter Fest, Pyrotechnics, and Rock-a-Billy. What on earth were they thinking?

Orchids to David at MVD, he took care of a problem with our car title like the expert he is. Good sense of humor also. The Tempest People.

Onions to all the boats in the channel Friday morning during the balloon festival. All you did was plug things up so pilots could not dip in the water. It is a waterway not a parking lot. Boo to you.

Onions to the bird feeding onion. Get it right! “Ground feeding” birds and pigeons is illegal in Havasu, per Mohave County Environmental Health Division. The bacteria in the bird feces can be unhealthy for people. If you want the charm of a birdfeeder in your yard, hanging and standing ones are approved.

Orchids to the 3rd floor, room 385, nurses who took exceptional care of me during my weeks stay. To RNs Sharon, Taran, Kaitlyn, Jackson, Mike, Amanda, Ashley, Kristen, Vicki, Brittany, Ex Maddy, and to Dr. Edavettal my surgeon. Also all the caring exam techs. Havasu Reginal Hospital, thank you.

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