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WASHINGTON (AP) _ President Bush on Wednesday signed an Iraq war resolution overwhelmingly approved by Congress and told wary world leaders to ``face up to our global responsibility'' to confront Saddam Hussein.

``Those who choose to live in denial may eventually be forced to live in fear,'' Bush said as the United Nations began a bitter debate over his anti-Iraq resolution. ``Every nation that shares the benefits of peace also shares the duty of defending the peace,'' he said.

Bush summoned about 100 supportive lawmakers to the East Room of the White House as he signed the newly passed resolution authorizing the use of force, if necessary, to disarm Saddam.

Bush used the speech _ and the congressional vote _ to press the U.N. to adopt a new resolution compelling Iraq to submit to unconditional weapons inspections.

``We will defend our nation and lead others in defending the peace,'' the president said.