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BC-Entries Laurel Park

April 15, 2019
By The Associated Press

1st_$40,000, mdn spl wt, 2YO F, 4½f.<

Courtesy Shuffle;120;Always Talking;120
a-Determined Love;120;Naughty Thoughts;120
Twirling Owen;120;a-Tapping My Heart;120
Punk Rock Princess;120;Gandhi’s Castle;120
Lady George;120


2nd_$29,000, , 3YO up, 1mi.<

My Good Man;126;Love’s Legend;118
Greek Prince;113;Cowboy Night;126
Hard Fought;123;Uno Dancer;126

3rd_$22,000, st alc, 3YO up, 6f.<

a-Whateveryouwant;126;Scout’s Honor;123
Be Back;123;Manipulated;123
Guick;123;Sir Rockport;126


4th_$22,000, cl $16,000-$14,000, 3YO up F&M, 5½f.<

Cat Lak;120;Rossby;118
Alydarius;124;You Made It;120
Kentucky Smooth;118;Paz the Wine;124
Artful Splatter;120;Neetee Rides Again;117
Weekend Flyer;120;Pensy Moll;124
Gateau St Honore;126;Into Bluegrass;124

5th_$33,000, wvr mdn cl, 3YO up, 1mi.<

Lincoln’s Address;120;Makewayforjerry;120
Coffee Please;120;Tom Hagen;126

6th_$42,000, alc opt cl, 3YO F, 5½f.<

Ying Yue;112;Caterina One;119
River Gal;119;Great French Kiss;119
G’s Warrior;119

7th_$15,000, cl $5,000-$5,000, 3YO up, 5½f.<

Awesome Standard;123;Swing Step;123
Social Media;116;Parade of Nations;116
Fifties Music;113;Swivel;123
Runaway Bull;123;To the Hilt;123
Easy River;123

8th_$40,000, mdn spl wt, 3YO up F&M, 1 1/16mi.<

Ortinola;120;Diamond Brew;120
Nevisian Sunset;126;Giulia Ammannati;120
Pepper Pot;126;Fairy Wish;120
Multitude;120;Written Word;126

9th_$15,718, stk, 3YO M, 1.<

Cotejo De Potrancas Stakes Simulcast from Santiago Chile

Shanghai Band;121;Brooke;121
Remembranzas;121;Por Siempre Ivonne;121
Genoa;121;Mas Risuena;121

10th_$4,922, hcp, 4YO up, 1¼mi.<

Simulcast from Santiago Chile

Nadie Como Tu;115;Terzo;126
My Kingdom Come;121;Libre Love;132
Triangulina;130;Fast Rock;126
Destine;134;Ojo Vivaz;115
Mi Martuca;123;La Titita;132

11th_$5,391, hcp, 4YO up, 1.<

Simulcast from Santiago Chile

Fast Friend;115;Meg Meg;132
Palomo Infiel;132;Noble Pensamiento;128
Great Passion;132;Ninobien;110

12th_$6,328, hcp, 4YO up, 1¼mi.<

Simulcast from Santiago Chile

Totto;119;Es Un Regalo;121
Salto Del Dumo;119;Marques de Pombal;126
Show Card;130;Apolo de Belvedere;117
Gran Nano;121

13th_$4,688, hcp, 4YO up, 1.<

Simulcast from Santiago Chile

Ti Voglio Bene;123;Faraon Chileno;117
Brunesca;123;Gran Companero;126
Domingo Isleno;126;Demerol;123
Inca Gold;123;Corazon de Cafe;121
Galizia;123;Hunter Valley;117
Silvestrin;126;El Platano;123

14th_$3,867, hcp, 4YO up, 1¼mi.<

Simulcast from Santiago Chile

Santa Paz;123;Socio Guapo;123
Really Midas;123;Casa Di Giulietta;123
Domingo’s Town;123;Gringo Lobo;123
Altoids;123;Rebeca Rabbit;123
Passion for Mary;123;Ultimo Azul;123
Mi Bella Emma;123;Gussy;123
Dona Olaya;123

15th_$3,340, mdn spl wt, 4YO, 1¼mi.<

Simulcast from Santiago Chile

Mirenlo a El;126;Terrunyo;126
Care Guante;126;Big Champion;126
Afirmate Tonito;126;Galicio;126
Loco Stevie;126;Saruko;126
Kenser Lager;126;Tito Vespasiano;126
Bolita Polinesio;126

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