State wants murder suspect examined

September 20, 2018

A judge granted a Cameron County District Attorney’s Office request Wednesday to re-examine a 20-year-old woman charged with murder for competency and sanity as her October trial draws closer.

Paola Michael Martinez is accused in the stabbing death of her uncle, Alejandro Perez Ramirez, 53, on Jan. 24, 2017, and has pleaded not guilty to murder.

Just four days after allegedly killing her uncle, clinical psychologist Dr. John Pinkerman, an expert witness in capital murder and competency cases, interviewed Martinez and determined she was unable to assist her court-appointed attorney, Nat C. Perez.

Pinkerman’s report notes that Martinez was hearing three male voices, one of which told her to kill her uncle.

According to that report, Martinez told Pinkerman the voices started after she said her uncle raped her when she was 16 years old.

Those voices, which were named Anger, Depression and Suicide, also commanded her to not eat and drink for days at a time, and on two occasions, Martinez told Pinkerman she experienced a visual hallucination of a white woman dressed in a white robe, according to the report.

Pinkerman attributed her symptoms to being associated with schizophrenia and Martinez was sent for psychiatric evaluation at the North Texas State Hospital-Vernon Campus from July 13 to Nov. 10, court documents show.

Staff at the hospital ruled Martinez is competent to stand trial, but emphasized she needs to continue taking court-ordered medication or her competency could be called into question.

After her arrest, Martinez allegedly admitted to killing her uncle and an earlier court motion filed by the DA’s Office states that police found a murder “to-do” list while investigating.


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