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Shoe Shine Fetish Does in Thief

March 24, 1995

ROANOKE, Va. (AP) _ A thief with a fetish for shiny shoes paused during a burglary long enough to touch up some scuff marks _ then left his can of polish and a monogrammed rag behind.

Eric P. Wilson, who sometimes polishes his shoes two or three times a day, was convicted Wednesday of breaking and entering and grand larceny.

Constance Hudson found the polish and a rag with the initials ``E.W.″ on her living room floor after about $5,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from her home.

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Joel Branscom argued that Wilson scuffed his shoes while breaking in, then couldn’t resist pulling out his ever-present shoe polish and rag.

``If the shoe fits, wear it,″ Branscom said.

Wilson, 40, maintained that Ms. Hudson, an acquaintance, invited him into her home and that he probably did polish his shoes while he was there. He testified that his shiny-shoe fetish probably stemmed from his days in the military.

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