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BC-AP News Coverage Advisory

November 21, 2013

Here’s a look at how AP’s general news coverage is shaping up today. HIGHLIGHTING:

Among today’s coverage highlights as we see them at 1515 GMT:

-- AFGHANISTAN (sent; developing)

-- 747-WRONG AIRPORT (sent; developing)

-- JFK ANNIVERSARY (upcoming)

-- SCOTTSBORO BOYS-PARDON (sent; developing)



-- NKOREA-AMERICAN DETAINED (sent; developing)

-- THE POPE’S RABBI (sent)



VIDEO: NY TURKEYS (sent; with text and photos)

Here are details of those stories, plus others we have in the works for today and notable pieces that we sent in the past 10 hours (all times EST):


AFGHANISTAN - Afghanistan’s mercurial president adds a new wrinkle to the debate over a security pact with the United States, telling tribal elders they should approve it but he’ll leave the signing ceremony to his successor in next spring’s elections. SENT: 900 words, photos. UPCOMING 950 words with more details and analysis by 2000 GMT.

OBAMA-AFGHANISTAN - Obama, in letter to Karzai, says security agreement will show “respect for Afghan sovereignty.” SENT: 650 words.

IRAN-NUCLEAR TALKS - Talks on a draft deal meant to start a rollback of Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief were delayed. SENT: 730 words, photos. UPCOMING: 950 words by 2130 GMT.

CHEMICAL WEAPONS-SYRIA - The global chemical weapons watchdog is inviting private companies to get involved in the destruction of Syria’s stockpile of toxic agent and precursor chemicals. SENT: 650 words. UPCOMING: Developing.

BRITAIN-SLAVERY - British police say they have rescued three traumatized women allegedly held as slaves in south London, one of whom claims to have been held against her will for more than three decades. SENT: 130 words. UPCOMING: Developing.

INDIA-CYCLONE - An official says about 25,000 people have been evacuated from coastal villages in southern India as a strong cyclone approaches from the Bay of Bengal. SENT: 120 words.

LEBANON-SURVIVING SYRIA - By nearly all measures, Lebanon should have long ago buckled under the weight of Syria’s civil war. Yet Lebanon’s rickety system has held up — barely. The main reason is the internal balance of fear. UPCOMING: 1,000 words by 2200 GMT.

NKOREA-AMERICAN DETAINED. - An 85-year-old American veteran of the Korean War was detained last month in North Korea as he sat in a plane set to leave the country, his son says. SENT: 610 words, photos. UPCOMING: 800 words by 2000 GMT photos.

PHILIPPINES-TYPHOON-US MILITARY - The U.S. Marines’ newest and in some quarters most controversial transport airplane is showing what it’s got - for sake of typhoon victims and perhaps its own future. SENT: 1,320 words, photos.

ITALY-BERLUSCONI - The Milan court that convicted Silvio Berlusconi of paying an underage prostitute for sex at his infamous Bunga Bunga parties says in remarkably raunchy detail that proof of intercourse wasn’t necessary to find him guilty. SENT: 130 words.

FRANCE-NEWSPAPER SHOOTING - The suspect in a shooting at a French newspaper office and three other attacks had written a “confused” letter criticizing media manipulation and capitalism and including a vague reference to Syria, authorities said Thursday. SENT: 550 words, photo.

NORTHERN IRELAND-BUS BOMB — Authorities say a Northern Ireland bus driver was commanded by suspected IRA militants to deliver a bomb to a police station, but instead she parked her vehicle and called police. SENT: 460 words.

FRANCE-GOING SLOW - A “go-slow” protest by farmers flopped when police blocked access to the major highways into and out of the capital. SENT: 470 words, photos.

HAITI-DOMINICAN MIGRANTS - Migrant advocates say the number of people being summarily kicked out by Dominican officials is growing, in some instances because of their dark skin. SENT: 1,080 words, photos.

PAKISTAN-PROTEST MARCH - Two dozen people are marching 400 miles to protest the government’s failure to determine what happened to those who disappeared during a crackdown on insurgents in Baluchistan. SENT: 890 words, photos.

PAKISTAN - Rare U.S. drone strike outside Pakistan’s tribal region kills at least five people. SENT: 880 words, photo.

UKRAINE-TYMOSHENKO - Ukrainian parliament fails to pass bills on Tymoshenko release, endangering EU deal. SENT: 220 words, photo.

IRAQ - Truck bomb rips through outdoor market in northeastern Iraq, killing at least 27. SENT: 290 words.

GREECE-FINANCIAL CRISIS - Greece predicts end of recession, slight return to growth in 2014. SENT: 370 words, photo.

FRANCE-TOO FAT TO FLY - Obese Frenchman stranded for weeks ends travel ordeal after overnight ambulance home. SENT: 140 words, photos.

THE POPE’S RABBI - Rabbi Abraham Skorka and Pope Francis have written a book together, prayed from each other’s pulpits, and worked toward interfaith understanding. SENT: 1,450 words, photos.


747-WRONG AIRPORT - A Boeing 747 jumbo jet mistakenly landed at a small Kansas airport not far from the Air Force base where it was supposed to land. SENT: 420 words, photo. UPCOMING: Developing; trying to determine how exactly this could have happened, details on the pilot, details on air traffic control communications, etc. Plane expected to take off around 1800 GMT. or it might be towed. 700 words by 2000 GMT, photos, video.

SKAKEL APPEAL - He is expected to get his first taste of freedom in more than 11 years. SENT: 480 words, photos. UPCOMING: updates from 1630 GMT hearing, then 500 words by 1900 GMT, new photos, video.

SCOTTSBORO BOYS-PARDON - Alabama’s parole board has approved of granting posthumous pardons to the Scottsboro Boys, a group of black youths wrongfully convicted of raping two white women more than 80 years ago. SENT: 130 words. UPCOMING: Developing; 500 words by 2000 GMT.

JFK ANNIVERSARY - The city purposely designed a simple remembrance with a limited number of seats for the public. It’s an approach mirrored at the JFK library in Boston and in Washington, where plans for the day are muted. UPCOMING: 700 words by 1600 GMT, photos.

JFK-OSWALD’S PALLBEARER - With no mourners around to serve as pallbearers, it was a task that fell to me and a few other reporters. SENT: 770 words, photos, interactive.

GUS GRISSOM-LETTER - In October 1961, Gus Grissom glumly confided to his mother in a letter that he and his fellow Mercury 7 astronauts resented John Glenn. The letter is being auctioned online. SENT: 800 words, photos.


COSMIC MONSTER EXPLOSION HFR — In April, NASA satellites saw the biggest gamma-ray burst — a focused deadly explosion from a collapsing star — they have seen in 18 years of searching. Had it been in our galaxy and aimed at us, Earth would have been toast. UPCOMING: HOLD FOR RELEASE until 1900 GMT, 600 words, photos



SENATE NOMINATIONS CLASH_Senate Democrats edge toward muscling a rewrite of filibuster rules through the chamber, as Reid is expected to force a vote as soon as today on requiring only 51 votes to end filibusters, or delaying tactics, against nominees for high-level judgeships and agency officials. SENT: 650 words. Photo. UPCOMING: Developing with possible floor vote around 1530 GMT



DIGITAL LIFE-TECH TEST-GOOGLE NEXUS 5 PHONE - You don’t get a lot of frills with Google’s new Nexus 5 phone. What you get instead is an Android phone that’s very good at the basics — for an excellent price. UPCOMING: 1,000 words by 1700 GMT, photo.


YELLEN NOMINATION - The Senate Banking Committee votes to advance Janet Yellen’s nomination to be the next chairman of the Federal Reserve. UPCOMING: 130 words after vote is taken at 1500 GMT hearing, 300-400 words by 1700 GMT.

GENERAL MOTORS-GOVERNMENT STOCK - The U.S. government expects to sell its remaining General Motors stock by the end of the year. SENT: 290 words. UPCOMING: Developing.

AUTO SHOW-HOT WHEELS-LEXUS CT 200h - While a flurry of new car models are being paraded at auto shows in Los Angeles and Tokyo, Toyota’s luxury brand Lexus is using the week’s other big auto show in China to unveil the latest version of its CT 200h. SENT: 460 words, photos.

CAR CHARGING STATIONS - The extensive network of charging stations that is supposed to jolt electric car use in California has yet to transform much. SENT: 800 words, photos.

CULINARY UNION CONTRACT — Union workers at Las Vegas Strip casinos owned by MGM Resorts International have overwhelmingly approved a contract that preserves health benefits and aims to bring back workers laid off when restaurants closed during the recession. SENT: 120 words. UPCOMING: Developing.

BOEING AD OOPS — There was one thing wrong in a full-page ad in The Seattle Times urging state lawmakers to pass a transportation package aimed at persuading Boeing to build the new 777X in Washington. The photo was of an Airbus jetliner, not a Boeing. SENT: 120 words.


WORLD CUP-TOP 10 PREDICTIONS - Some of the sharpest soccer minds at the AP peered into their crystal balls and took an educated stab at predicting who will shine or flop among the 32 teams next June in Brazil SENT: 1,970 words, photos.

RODMAN - Dennis Rodman will hold a news conference to discuss his next trip to North Korea and promote a line of vodka. UPCOMING: TBD.


FRANCE-BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU - The wine world’s best-known party is beginning — the ritual uncorking of Beaujolais Nouveau every November. SENT: 600 words, photos.


BRITAIN-MONTY PYTHON - The Monty Python gang is coming back for a reunion show at London’s 02 arena in July. SENT: 130 words.

COMICS AUCTION - Comic book collector and industry legend Maggie Thompson of Wisconsin has decided to put some 500 pieces of her personal collection up for auction over the next few months. SENT: 760 words, photos, video.

LATIN GRAMMYS - Best of Latin music prepare for 14th annual Latin Grammy awards in Las Vegas. SENT: 250 words.


MYANMAR-DESPERATE TO LEARN-PHOTO ESSAY - Thousands of minority Rohingya Muslim children, driven from their homes by sectarian violence, while away their long, empty days in dusty displacement camps. They are no longer welcome in many government schools, but the so-called Rohingya Village Madrassa on the outskirts of Sittwe has opened its doors to them. SENT: 270 words, photos by Gemunu Amarasinghe.

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