Letters To The Editor 7/30/2018

July 30, 2018

Scared pooch flees

Editor: At the recent fireworks display in downtown Scranton, my daughter and I unfortunately witnessed a heart-wrenching sequence of events as we saw a woman frantically running up Spruce Street after her dog as her daughters were crying in shock at what had happened.

The dog most likely was terrified by the thunderous explosions of fireworks, jerked the leash from the hands of a young daughter and ran to escape the noise. The dog ran up and down Jefferson Avenue amid the traffic and miraculously managed not to get killed. It ran into the Radisson at Lackawanna Station hotel parking lot with the woman in pursuit and the dog vanished from sight.

I fervently hope the woman recovered the dog. People should leave their pets at home when attending events such as fireworks displays.




Countdown to fines

Editor: I have to differ with Kathleen Gnat (“Pay fine, don’t gripe,” July 24) who discussed a letter by a tourist to this area whose only regret was getting hit with a $25 parking ticket.

In fact, those checking meters do “lurk around corners waiting for meters to expire and pounce on them.” I’ve seen it happen, and in Carbondale, meter checkers have been given a phone number to inform police and request immediate assistance if confronted by motorists.

It definitely happens in other municipalities, perhaps especially those dependent on parking-meter revenue.

The spirit of the job is for a meter checker to keep walking past a meter if there is any time at all remaining, even a minute.




Choosy enforcement

Editor: In regard to the woman who got a parking ticket in downtown Scranton while being parked at a meter (“Tourist turned off,” July 15), I received a parking violation on Hemlock Street recently for being parked the wrong way.

I was wrong and admit I was wrong. However, when I got that ticket I said to the woman who gave it to me that I was just dropping something off at the day care center and she didn’t care. My complaint is, at the same time I was given my ticket there was a tractor-trailer delivering bolts of fabric to the factory above the day care. He was double-parked on the wrong side of the street, facing the wrong way and he wasn’t given a ticket.

What’s right is right. Why wasn’t he ticketed also? It cost me $25 and if I paid online it would be $27.50, which is a rip-off. Again I was wrong but so was the truck driver. I live here and pay taxes in this city and I had to pay a fine. He delivers for a company and gets to do whatever he pleases. Welcome to Scranton, I hope you brought your wallet.




Dual standard

Editor: You can make fun of President Donald Trump with cartoons, negative letters and articles calling him a liar and comparing him with Adolf Hitler.

You could hold a bloody head replica of Trump like comedian Kathy Griffin, have a likeness of him being stabbed and even say that the White House should be burned down, like entertainer Madonna did.

If that was said and done about the president of some other countries, people would be put to death or jailed for it. If this was said and done about former President Obama, we would have had a revolution.

I guess this is all covered under the First Amendment.





Baseless charge

Editor: I vehemently disagree with John P. Kameen (“Deep conspiracy,” July 20), who owns the Forest City News.

He alleges James Comey, former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Andrew McCabe, former assistant director of the FBI, and other hierarchy formed a cabal to orchestrate the election of Hillary Clinton.

Kameen forgets that it was Comey who improperly started another investigation into Clinton’s emails just before the election.

I’m no fan of Clinton, but Comey should be prosecuted for releasing sensitive information that did not lead to her arrest and most probably cost her the election.




Trump not Hitler

Editor: People call President Trump a Hitler and I am weary of this.

The German parliament passed the Enabling Act, which paved the way for Hitler’s one-man rule and he became the “rule of law” in Germany. Hitler removed Jewish citizenship, which disallowed them from voting.

Trump has not done this and our democracy remains as our founders created it. As a citizen, I have the right and privilege of voting; however, undocumented people vote. Are such people allowed to vote for humanitarian or political reasons?

Lastly, how does this impact the value of American citizenship? What are the rights of citizens?





Middle ground prized

Editor: I apologize for coming off as anti-Trump.

I realized recently the pressure that man is under. After much thought, I think what we need is for members of Congress and the Senate to drink a coffee while they meet.

I am learning from history that our forefathers didn’t stand on the far left or right. They had to stand right in the middle and consider both sides.

The only reason the Supreme Court has been so involved is because the top is heavy. They are trying to balance us out before we fall.



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