City of Humble to sell sniper rifles to local gun range

February 18, 2019

The Humble City Council has approved a measure to sell their four Remington 700s to Sportman’s Outlet.

The Humble Police Department dissolved their SWAT team several years ago, which will soon be replaced with the Special Response Group, according to city documents.

The city has decided to sell their rifles to Sportman’s Outlet for $850 each. The local gun range agrees to accept all liability when they buy these rifles and other ammunition from the city.

“As the shuttered its former SWAT team we were left with several firerams and ammunition not used in regular course of police work that included these four Remington 700s,” City Manager Jason Stuebe said. “What we’re going to do with these sniper rifles is sell them to Sportman’s Outlet, who is a federal firearms dealer, and they will be able to sell those.”

The council also approved on amending Ordinance 19-835 Chapter 28 Section 7 to provide regulations to prohibit electronic smoking in certain enclosed areas within city limits.

The city previously adopted Ordinance 12-703 in February 2012 prohibiting tobacco products in any public place.

“This came to us from several businesses that were asking if vaping is considered as part of the smoking ordinance, turns out it wasn’t,” Stuebe said. “