Letter to the editor: Socialists don’t represent our values

November 24, 2018

Why such a far left shift in the modern Democratic Party core beliefs? Lindsey Williams, Collin Warren and Jon McCabe represent the new wave of young, enthusiastic Democratic candidates. These fresh faces and the new Democratic socialist candidates are embraced by established Democrats like Bob Casey, Tom Wolf, Bibiana Boerio, Conor Lamb and Frank Dermody. They are all delivering the same old, dusted-off message that is moving us further toward socialism -- often tried and always failed.

The Democratic Party is no longer the party of Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy or John Murtha. Electing today’s version of Democrats will lead Pennsylvania and America to a future that will not reflect the strong work ethics that our great nation valued and was built upon.

By voting for the platform of “the government will take care of all our needs,” the U.S.A. will become the nation of U.O.Me. Is this the America that we want to become?

Rich Schachte

New Kensington

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